December Activities for Elementary Students (Grades 1-5) in 2022

If you are looking for fun December activities for elementary students, then you found the right place! This post will share some of the best resources for teaching and celebrating some popular holidays and events like Christmas, Hanukkah, winter, and more. Learn all about the December activities below!

This post features:

45 December Literacy Activities

Below are some reading and writing activities that are perfect for the month of December.

December Reading Activities

Learn about the book companion and graphic organizer resources below.

Book Companions for December Books

These book companion resources are part of my Starts With a Story collection. Each of them include reading comprehension questions, writing prompts, SEL lesson ideas, printable and digital students activities, and much more. Learn more about each of the book companions below!

Holidays Around the World Books
Christmas Wombat book companionCobweb Christmas book companionSeven Spools of Thread book companion
The Legend of the Poinsettia book companionToo Many Tamales book companionMadeline's Christmas book companion
The Legend of Old Befana book companionLatke, The Lucky Dog book companionThe Tomten book companion
Elves Books
How to Catch an Elf book companionPig the Elf book companionMemoirs of an Elf book companion
Christmas Books
The Crayons' Christmas book companionThe Polar Express book companionMooseltoe book companion cover
Reindeer Books
Dasher book companionImogene's Antlers book companionOlive, the Other Reindeer book companion coverThe Wild Christmas Reindeer book companion
Winter Books
Owl MoonThe Wish Tree book companionA Loud Winter's NapGoodbye Autumn, Hello Winter
Santa Books
The Animals' Santa book companionHow Santa Got His Job book companionStick Man book companionSanta Bruce book companion
Christmas Tree Books
Red and Lulu book companionMr. Willowby's Christmas Tree book companionNight Tree book companionThe Christmas Owl book companion
Gingerbread Books
The Gingerbread Pirates book companionThe Gingerbread Girl book companionTough Cookie book companionThe Gingerbread Cowboy book companionGingerbread Baby book companion

Reading Graphic Organizer Activities

The reading graphic organizer resources below can be used with any book related to each of their topics. The best part is that the graphic organizer templates can be used over and over again because of their open-ended nature. Learn more about them below!

winter-themed reading comprehension activitiesreindeer-themed reading comprehension activitieselves-themed reading comprehension activitiesgingerbread-themed reading comprehension activitiesDecember reading comprehension activities

These graphic organizer activities pair really well with the lists of read alouds below. Check them out!

December Writing Activities

Learn about the writing resources for December below.

Writing Prompt Activities

The December writing prompts are available by themselves or as part of a monthly writing prompt bundle. It includes 10 different genres of writing: Creative, informative, opinion, narrative, procedural, descriptive, review, persuasive, poetry, and letter writing. They offer fun and engaging writing activities that will motivate your students to practice their writing skills and inspire a love of writing. Learn more about them below.

December writing promptsmonthly writing prompts

Writing Assessments

Periodically, you’ll want to capture a snapshot of your students’ current writing abilities. You can share this writing sample with their next year’s teacher to offer them some insight into their future students’ abilities. In addition, it’s great for sharing with families at conferences and using it as report card evidence. This winter writing resource is available by itself or as part of a year-long writing assessment bundle. Learn more about it below!

winter writing assessmentwriting assessments

December Math Activities

Below are some math activities that are perfect for the month of December.

December Math Word Problems

These December word problems are each part of larger year-long collections. Learn more about your grade level by selecting it below.

1st Grade December Math Word Problems2nd Grade December Math Word Problems3rd Grade December Math Word Problems4th Grade December Math Word Problems5th Grade December Math Word Problems

December Spiral Review Worksheets

Spiral review is the idea that, after introducing and teaching a foundational concept or skill, students continue to practice it regularly throughout the school year in order to maintain what they have learned. It is also known as the spiral learning method, spiral approach or spiral instruction. It is an integral part of every 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classroom.

Check out these December-themed spiral review activities that are part of larger resources. Select your grade level below!

first grade math spiral review activities2nd Grade December Spiral Review Activities3rd Grade December Spiral Review Activities4th Grade December Spiral Review Activities5th Grade December Spiral Review Activities

Holidays Around the World Unit

Our holidays around the world unit is a study of how different countries and cultures celebrate different holidays. Teachers love it because it exposes students to a variety of cultures and traditions in other countries (as well as their own). The experiences help them identify the similarities and differences, so they can grow a deeper level of appreciation and respect for others. Learn about our holidays around the world unit below!

Holidays Around the World Unit

December Activity Packets

hanukkah activity packetholidays around the world activity packetgingerbread activity packet
winter activity packetelves activity packetreindeer activity packet
santa activity packetchristmas activity packetsnow activity packet

We hope you found these December activities for elementary students helpful!

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