Snowmen Read Alouds for Elementary Teachers in 2023

If you are looking for a list of the best children’s books about snowmen, then you found the right place! These snowmen read alouds will be a big hit in your elementary classroom this year. They all feature snowmen characters with interesting storylines and relatable characters. Some are classics like Snowmen at Night, but you might find a couple that are new to you. Check out the full list of snowmen read alouds below to find some of the best children’s books about winter!

5 Snowmen Read Alouds

1. Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner

In the book Snowmen at Night, a young boy makes a snowman and realizes it looks different the next day. He starts to imagine all the things that snowmen do at night. Snowmen come alive at night and make their way to the park. They drink hot cocoa, go ice skating and play baseball. The boy imagines the snowmen having snowball fights and sledding down a hill. Once the sun starts to rise and the snowmen are tired, they make their way back to their home. This cute rhyming story explains why children’s snowmen might look different overtime. Check out these Snowmen at Night activities!

Snowmen at Night book companion
Snowmen at Night activity

2. Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright

In the book Sneezy the Snowman, Sneezy the Snowman was cold! In fact, he was sneezing and freezing! Sneezy decided that he would drink some hot cocoa to warm up. But as soon as he drank the cocoa, he turned into a puddle on the ground. Thankfully, his friends were there to help. They rebuilt Sneezy and he was brand new. A friend even offered to share his winter cap with Sneezy.

Even with the winter cap on, Sneezy was cold! This time he decided that he would get into a hot tub to warm up, but that caused him to melt, too! Sneezy’s friends were there and ready to rebuild him again. This time, they decided to let Sneezy wear a warm winter scarf. Again and again Sneezy tried to warm up when he was cold, and each time he melted. His friends continued to share clothing until he was wearing a hat, scarf, and coat. With all the new clothing on, Sneezy was suddenly too hot. His friends suggested he eat some ice cream and that did the trick. He was finally feeling great, not too hot and not too cold! Check out these Sneezy the Snowman activities!

Sneezy the Snowman book companion
Sneezy the Snowman worksheets

3. The Missing Mitten Mystery by Steven Kellogg

In The Missing Mitten Mystery, Annie and her dog Osca had a fun day. They played in the snow. At some point that day, Annie’s red mitten went missing! They retraced their steps. They looked through snow piles, gardens, and sledding hills. Annie started to think creatively. What if a mouse took it for a home? What if an eagle took it to her nest? She returns home for dinner. At the end, her red mitten appears! It was on the snowman. Check out these The Missing Mitten Mystery activities!

The Missing Mitten Mystery book companion
The Missing Mitten Mystery book cover and sequencing worksheet

4. How to Catch a Snowman by Adam Wallace

In How to Catch a Snowman, something magical happens when an enchanted snow star shines down at midnight. A snowman comes to life! The children in the town try and trap the snowman but will anyone be able to catch him? Throughout the book the children set many clever traps hoping to catch the snowman. They make a net of scarves, use a trampoline and even try and trap the snowman in an igloo. However, each time the snowman is able to escape.

All day, the children are chasing the snowman but are not successful in catching him. When the sun starts to set, the children are called home for dinner. The snowman has won the contest, no one was able to catch him but he appreciates the children’s effort. To congratulate them for their hard work, he leaves a surprise for them at the library. The snowman created a big snow display of children with a snowman, the snowman’s gift to the children who tried to catch him. Check out these How to Catch a Snowman activities!

How to Catch a Snowman book companion
How to Catch a Snowman book and worksheets

5. The Biggest Snowman Ever by Steven Kroll

In The Biggest Snowman Ever, the mayor of Mouseville is holding a contest to see who can build the biggest snowman! The mice are excited and get to work right away. Penelope wants to build a princess snowman, James wants to build a martian snowman, and Clayton and Desmond both want to build the biggest snowman ever.

Both Clayton and Desmond get to work on their own snowmen. They build the base, the belly and the head. Each boy gets advice to use a wheelbarrow to carry snow so they can work faster. After a few days, the boys go to look at all the other snowmen and realize they’re all the same size! That’s when they get an idea.

Clayton and Desmond decide they should work together to build the biggest snowmen. The two mice put their snowmen together and create a big snowman! On the day of the contest, the judges decide that Clayton and Desmond have won, they’ve built the biggest snowman and won the prize!

Students will love this story about determined mice who learn that teamwork can you help accomplish big things! Check out these The Biggest Snowman Ever activities!

The Biggest Snowman Ever book companion
The Biggest Snowman Ever book and activities

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