11 Snow Books for Kids Every Elementary Teacher Needs in 2022

A great time to share snow books with your elementary students is during those cold winter months. They are great winter read alouds! I keep my snow picture book collection with my January books. I do this because I find that December is jam packed with gingerbread man read alouds and my holidays around the world unit. February is a short month and has Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day, Presidents Day, and sometimes Leap Year. As a result, January is the perfect month for sharing books about snow and winter.

There are tons of quality winter books for kids out there, which can make it overwhelming to pick out a snow picture book or two to share with your elementary students. I created this list of snow books for kids to make it easier for you!

This post highlights the following books:

  • Blizzard
  • How to Catch a Snowman
  • Snow
  • Sneezy the Snowman
  • Snow Day
  • Snow Globe Family
  • Snowflake Bentley
  • Snowmen at Night
  • The Snowy Day
  • The Three Snow Bears
  • Winter Wonderland
student reading a book about snow

11 Snow Books

Below are a list of some of my favorite snow books to share with elementary students!

Blizzard by John Rocco

Based on a true story, Blizzard is about the author’s experience during the Blizzard of 1978 in Rhode Island, which resulted in 53 inches of snow falling over his town. During the blizzard, the author and his family were snowed in for five days, and the plows could not run so the family had trouble getting to the store. Eventually, the youngest boy put tennis rackets on his feet to use as snowshoes and asked the neighbors what they needed. He was able to get to the store to buy food and supplies for everyone.

Students will love this book that will show the true story of one boy and his family during a blizzard.

Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright

Sneezy the Snowman was cold! In fact, he was sneezing and freezing! Sneezy decided that he would drink some hot cocoa to warm up. But as soon as he drank the cocoa, he turned into a puddle on the ground. Thankfully, his friends were there to help. They rebuilt Sneezy and he was brand new. A friend even offered to share his winter cap with Sneezy.

Even with the winter cap on, Sneezy was cold! This time he decided that he would get into a hot tub to warm up, but that caused him to melt, too! Sneezy’s friends were there and ready to rebuild him again. This time, they decided to let Sneezy wear a warm winter scarf. Again and again Sneezy tried to warm up when he was cold, and each time he melted. His friends continued to share clothing until he was wearing a hat, scarf, and coat. With all the new clothing on, Sneezy was suddenly too hot. His friends suggested he eat some ice cream and that did the trick. He was finally feeling great, not too hot and not too cold!

If you need resources to go with this read aloud book, then check out these Sneezy the Snowman activities!

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

In The Snowy Day, Peter wakes up and notices that snow has fallen overnight, so he puts on a snowsuit and goes outside. He enjoys the snowy weather as he makes tracks, knocks snow out of a tree, watches a snowball fight, makes a snowman, makes snow angels, and plays on a huge mountain of snow. Before heading back inside, Peter puts a big snowball in his pocket for tomorrow. Later, he finds that the snowball has melted and he is sad until he realizes that the snow outside is still there the next day!

Students will enjoy reading about a young boy doing many of the same activities that they might enjoy on a snowy day. If you need resources to go with this read aloud book, then check out these The Snowy Day activities!

Snow by Cynthia Rylant

Snow is about a young girl, her friend, and her grandmother appreciating everything that snow has to offer. From the snow that falls quietly at night to the snow that keeps us indoors for the day, we should enjoy everything the snowy weather gives us because it does not last forever. 

Students will enjoy the beautiful illustrations on this book’s pages because they tell a story alongside the text itself!

Winter Wonderland by Jill Esbaum

Winter Wonderland is an informational text about the season of winter. When the days start getting shorter and the air gets cold, in many ways it seems like the world grows bleak. However, for many children, winter is a magical season with lots of fun things to do! Told in the perspective of Winter, this book shows some of the many things that children like to do during this time of year. Winter Wonderland provides a great introduction to winter, and many students will be able to relate to some of the snowy activities described in the book. 

Snow Day by Lester Laminack

In Snow Day, a father and his two kids hear the weather reporter say it’s going to snow. The family gets excited about the possibility of a snow day and begin planning. They can’t wait to build a snow fort, drink hot chocolate, and go sledding. Everyone heads off to bed in anticipation of the big snow storm and a day at home. 

However, when they wake up they are surprised to see no snow outside and children walking down the street with their backpacks on! It didn’t snow after all, and now they are going to be late for school. The family rushes to get ready and into the car. The dad mentions that he cannot be late for school and surprises readers by saying he is the teacher! Students will love this book about a snow day and learn that teachers like them, too!

If you need resources to go with this read aloud book, then check out these Snow Day activities!

Snow Globe Family by Jane O’Connor

The book Snow Globe Family tells the story of two families. The big family lives inside a real house and they have a snow globe on their mantle. Inside the globe lives a little family, very similar to the big family. Long ago, there used to be many snow storms inside the snow globe but now it hardly ever snows. However, the baby in the big family is very interested in the snow globe. One day, while some members of the big family are out sledding, the baby makes his way over to the snow globe. He gives it several big shakes, creating a huge snow storm inside the snow globe. In the end, both families get to go outside and have fun sledding in the snow. Students will love this imaginative story about the little family living inside a snow globe.

If you need resources to go with this read aloud book, then check out these Snow Globe Family activities!

writing paper for the book, Snow Globe Family
activities for The Three Snow Bears book

The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett

Jan Brett’s The Three Snow Bears is a different take on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The book takes place in the arctic and the main characters in this story is a little girl named Aloo-ki and three polar bears.

While out on a walk, Aloo-ki’s huskies start floating out to sea on an ice floe. At the same time, the three polar bears head out on a walk while their soup cools back home in their igloo. As Aloo-ki chases her dogs, she comes across the igloo and makes her way inside. Aloo-ki tastes the three soups and tries on the different boots before falling asleep in the baby bear’s bed. When the bears return home, they are surprised to see evidence that someone had been inside. Baby Bear finds Aloo-ki sleeping in her bed! When Aloo-ki awakes and notices the bears, she runs out of the igloo and away with her huskies. Students will love hearing a different version of the famous story.

If you need resources to go with this read aloud book, then check out these The Three Snow Bears activities!

Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin

Snowflake Bentley tells the story of a real person, Willie Bentley. Ever since he was a young boy, snowflakes fascinated Willie Bentley. He spent his winters catching snowflakes and studying them. When he got older, his parents bought him a microscope camera so he could photograph the snowflakes. Willie wanted to share the beauty and uniqueness of snowflakes with others. It was not easy to photograph the snowflakes and people in Willie’s town thought he was silly. 

Willie Bentley dedicated his life to studying and learning about snowflakes. Eventually, he published a book with all of his photographs and scientists around the world were interested in his work. When he passed away, the children in his community dedicated a monument and museum to his work. 

If you need resources to go with this read aloud book, then check out these Snowflake Bentley activities!

activities for the book, Snowflake BentleySnowmen at Night worksheet

Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner

In Snowmen at Night, a young boy makes a snowman and realizes it looks different the next day. He starts to imagine all the things that snowmen do at night. The boy imagines that snowmen come alive at night and make their way to the park. They drink hot cocoa, go ice skating and play baseball. Perhaps the snowmen spend the night having snowball fights and sledding down a hill. Once the sun starts to rise and the snowmen are tired, they make their way back to their home. This cute rhyming story explains why children’s snowmen might look different over time. 

If you need resources to go with this read aloud book, then check out these Snowmen at Night activities!

How to Catch a Snowman book cover

How to Catch a Snowman by Adam Wallace

In the winter, when an enchanted snow star shines down at midnight something magical happens. A snowman comes to life!

The children in the town try and trap the snowman but will anyone be able to catch him? Throughout the book the children set many clever traps hoping to catch the snowman. They make a net of scarves, use a trampoline and even try and trap the snowman in an igloo. However, each time the snowman is able to escape.

All day, the children are chasing the snowman but are not successful in catching him. When the sun starts to set, the children are called home for dinner. The snowman has won the contest, no one was able to catch him but he appreciates the children’s effort. To congratulate them for their hard work, he leaves a surprise for them at the library. The snowman created a big snow display of children with a snowman, the snowman’s gift to the children who tried to catch him.

If you need resources to go with this read aloud book, then check out these How to Catch a Snowman activities!

These 11 snow books are great read alouds for the cold wintery months like December, January, and February. Your elementary students will love listening to these and participating in thoughtful conversations around this high-interest topic! If you need activities or worksheets to help bring the read aloud lessons to life, then check out the Starts With a Story resources below!

Snow DaySnow Globe FamilySnowflake BentleyHow to Catch a Snowman book companion cover
Snowmen at NightThe Three Snow BearsThe Snowy Day book companionSneezy the Snowman book companion cover

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