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teacher clipboard with list of tips for launching guided math workshop

Launching Math Workshop and Implementing Guided Math

Launching Math Workshop is easy when you have a step-by-step process to follow. My Guided Math Workshop course and Guided Math Workshop eBook are great resources that walk you step-by-step with implementing Guided Math Workshop in your elementary classroom. Your first days of Math Workshop will be all about setting

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colorful math cubes in a pile

50+ Elementary Math Manipulatives for the Classroom

Elementary math manipulatives are a key component of best practice math instruction. Your students need easy access to their math manipulatives during Guided Math Workshop. Elementary math manipulatives offer tons of benefits, which you can learn more about down below. It may feel overwhelming trying to figure out which ones

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colorful math game pieces

Elementary Math Centers: Organization, Management & More

Math centers, also commonly referred to as math stations or math rotations, are a great way to offer fun and engaging learning experiences to elementary students during your math block. They fit neatly in the math workshop with guided math framework, but can be used without the implementation of that

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math picture books on a classroom shelf

200+ Math Picture Book Read Alouds for Elementary Teachers

Math picture books, which are also commonly referred to as math read alouds or math stories, are effective tools to introduce, teach, and review math concepts, skills, and vocabulary in meaningful contexts. They can be presented in the format of shared reading, a read aloud, or a center. Children, especially

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