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students reading books about Earth Day

Earth Day Stories for Elementary Students

These Earth Day stories are a great way to celebrate Earth Day and to teach elementary students the importance of taking care of the environment. Students will enjoy listening to these read alouds and participating in thoughtful conversations about how we can keep the earth healthy. Learn more about some

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Students listening to a Valentine's Day book

Valentine’s Day Picture Books for Elementary Students

This list of Valentine’s Day picture books are great February read alouds to share with your elementary students the days leading up to and on Valentine’s Day. They are some of the best valentine books out there! Your students will thoroughly enjoy listening to these stories and engaging in thoughtful

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student reading Chinese New Year book

Chinese New Year Books for Kids

Whether you are looking for a quick Chinese New Year read aloud to share with your students on Chinese New Year or are doing a holidays around the world unit and need a collection of Chinese New Year books for kids, this list of books about Chinese culture has you

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student reading a book about snow

Snow Books for Kids

A great time to share snow books with your elementary students is during those cold winter months. I keep my snow picture book collection with my January books. I do this because I find that December is jam packed with gingerbread man read alouds and my holidays around the world

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kids listening to gingerbread books being read aloud

Gingerbread Man Books and Activities

Gingerbread is a great topic for teaching during the month of December because it is not holiday-specific and it’s something that all of your students can enjoy. In addition, many of your students’ families will bake gingerbread cookies, decorate gingerbread houses or read gingerbread man books during this festive month.

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Kids reading books about reindeer

Reindeer Books for Kids

If you are looking for Christmas-themed books that tie into a non-fiction unit well, consider using these reindeer books as read alouds during the month of December. A reindeer-themed animal research unit is a great winter project for teaching reading, writing, and science standards in a fun and engaging way

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Kids reading Multicultural Christmas Books

Multicultural Christmas Picture Books for Kids

I know Christmas is around the corner when my son changes the radio station to Christmas music while we are driving in the car together. When I hear the tune to Jingle Bells, I think to myself, “It must be about that time to start thinking about Christmas!”. I pull

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Kids reading Multicultural Christmas Books

Christmas Around the World Books for Kids

December is a great time of year for learning about how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Elementary students can learn how Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Sweden celebrate Christmas using this list of Christmas around the world books for kids. You may also find this comprehensive Christmas

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Hanukkah Books for Kids

Whether you are looking for a quick Hanukkah read aloud to share with students on one of the days leading up to winter break or are doing a holidays around the world unit and need a collection of Hanukkah books for kids, this list of Hanukkah children’s books has you

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two kids reading a Christmas picture book

Christmas Read Alouds for Elementary Students

As soon as the calendar switches over to the month of December, your elementary students’ brains move into Christmas mode. Many of them have an elf on the shelf arrive at their home, they help their families decorate their Christmas tree, they enjoy gingerbread cookies and hot chocolate in cozy

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Veterans Day Books for Elementary Students

This list of Veteran’s Day books are great for celebrating both Veterans Day and Memorial Day! They teach elementary students the importance of these holidays and help them develop a beginning understanding of the sacrifices that men and women in uniform have made to keep our country safe. These patriotic

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Constitution Day Read Alouds for Elementary Teachers in 2021

Teachers are often surprised when I tell them that all public school teachers are required to teach a lesson about the Constitution on Constitution Day every September. It’s true! If you teach at a school that receives government funding, then you are legally obligated to teach your students about the Constitution on

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