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5 Math Tools Every Elementary Classroom Teacher Needs

There are so many math tools out there that have the potential to transform your math instruction.  This blog post focuses on 5 of them.  It doesn’t matter if you teach first, second, third, fourth, or fifth grade – you need these tools! This blog post will… suggest 5 math

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200+ Math Picture Book Read Alouds for Elementary Teachers

Math picture books, which are also commonly referred to as math read alouds or math stories, are effective tools to introduce, teach, and review math concepts, skills, and vocabulary in meaningful contexts. They can be presented in the format of shared reading, a read aloud, or a center. Children, especially

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Open Ended Math Questions and Problems for Elementary Students

Does your current math instruction involve only situations where there is one answer? Are students expected to solve problems following rigid procedures that do not require critical or creative thinking? These components are important; however, it’s time to take your math instruction to the next level! The answer: open ended

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Elementary Math Journal Ideas that Get Kids Writing in Math

Integrating writing and math is critical in twenty-first century classrooms. Elementary students not only need to be able to accurately solve grade level problems, but also be able to explain their thinking and strategies both orally (e.g. number talks) and in writing (e.g. math journal). Mathematical writing is a great

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2D Geometry Games {Common Core Math Activities}

2D Geometry Games My school is very focused on improving our students’ math vocabulary. When I created my2D Geometry UnitI strived to create activities that would provide ample opportunities for the students topractice and use the related vocabulary wordsthroughout our daily Math Workshop.  During my small group instruction time I

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