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If you are a first, second, third, fourth, or fifth grade teacher looking to launch guided math and/or math workshop in your classroom, then you found the right place! This blog post highlights a math resource that gives you all of the information, ideas, tips, and printables you need to launch math workshop and guided math in your classroom. Read below to learn more!

This resource is based on the M.A.T.H. Workshop System I created for making math instruction more effective in classrooms around the world.

Implementing Math Workshop with Guided Math into my classroom has been one of the best things I have ever done as a teacher. Test scores are consistently reflective of much growth throughout the school year and even more importantly, the students are engaged and LOVE math. I truly can not recommend it enough as an amazing method of instruction for grades K-6 (and even middle school).

This 165 page resource contains EVERYTHING you need to run an organized and effective Math Workshop with Guided Math in your classroom including tons of printables. The Guide contains two parts: An informational eBook and a collection of printables.

This resource shares tips and ideas for organizing and managing a math workshop with guided math instruction as well as explains how to get started at the beginning of the year, how to document student progress, etc. Learn more about the resource below!

Do you find it challenging to cover all the math concepts in depth while making sure each of your students is proficient before moving on to the next standard? Is it a challenge to keep today’s distracted learners focused and engaged? The information and materials found in this packet will completely transform your math instruction and make it an amazing, positive experience. 

  • Consistent procedures and routines during your math block reduces students’ anxiety.
  • Differentiated learning opportunities will help all of your students feel confident in their math abilities.
  • Your students become more independent learners.
  • There are more opportunities for students to practice and reinforce skills.
  • Students will be highly engaged in their learning because of the limited time given at each center.

  • This product equips you with everything you need to implement math workshop and guided math in your classroom.
  • It provides a framework that lends itself to offering your students many differentiated, engaging, and fun opportunities to practice essential math concepts and skills.
  • It can be used with any math curriculum program that your school has, so no worries if your district adopts a new program.

  • This product has everything you need to implement math workshop and guided math in your classroom, so it will save you time and money.
  • Your peers and administrators will see your classroom as a model for others to aspire to.
  • Math workshop and guided math can be used across grade levels, so no worries if you switch a grade.

This product can be used with the Common Core Standards as well as ANY math curriculum that your district may use (i.e. Investigations, enVision, Singapore Math, Go Math, Everyday Mathematics, etc).

Check out these testimonials from teachers who’ve used it in their classrooms…

I have wanted to try a Math Workshop for a while now but was unsure how to implement it and exactly what students would be able to do independently at each station.  I also have to teach our district curriculum so I needed something that would work with that.  This product has answered all of my questions and more!  Extremely thorough, step by step guide to getting it up and running.

– Cheryl D.

I have finally been able to get the centers going in math the way I wanted to.  Thank you so much for breaking this into small manageable chunks!

– Stacey O.

This product has been a God send. It has completely transformed my math block and I LOVE IT!!!!! Thanks so much. My math runs so smoothly now and I have been chosen as a model classroom for math because of this helpful organizational tool.

– Graylon N.

This has changed my whole approach to teaching math and I cannot thank you enough. All of the advice, printables, ideas, and guidance has made me such a better teacher and made my students such better learners. Thank you!

– FOUR the Love of Teaching

If you are looking to implement guided Math in your classroom – this resource is excellent for getting you started!  Very well thought out and organized!  This saved me hours and hours of time.  Thank you:)

-Kristy D.

You can read more great feedback from teachers just like you here!

Included in the eBook Section

  • Introduction to Math Workshop
  • Getting Organized for Math Workshop
  • Managing Math Workshop
  • Lesson Planning For Math Workshop
  • Kicking Off Math Workshop
  • Volunteers and Their Role in Math Workshop

Included in the Printable Resources Section

  • Original Math Workshop Rotation Board
  • Black and White Rotation Board
  • Essential Question Chart
  • Student Folder Labels
  • Teacher Binder Printables
  • Student Portfolio Binder Printables
  • Observation Notes
  • Student Conferencing Notes
  • Grouping Students Templates
  • Lesson Planning Sheets
  • Math Lab / Math Tubs Planning Sheets
  • Questioning Cards
  • Math Thinking Stems
  • Math Manipulative Bin Labels
  • Related Product Catalog
  • EDITABLE Printables

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