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8 Tips for Organizing Art Supplies in the Classroom

Colored pencils, crayons, markers, glue sticks, paint, paintbrushes, scissors… Art supplies are a necessity for every elementary classroom. These tools support students in exploring concepts and skills in a creative, hands-on way. Read below to grab some tips for organizing art supplies in the classroom! 8 Tips for Organizing Classroom

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How to Organize Math Manipulatives in Your Classroom

According to the Common Core, students need to “use appropriate tools strategically.” This means that your students need to be able to access materials independently. Let’s be honest. You could easily fill all of your classroom storage space with math manipulatives. There are just so many cool, hands-on tools for kids

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How to Keep your Classroom Clean and Tidy in 2024

If you are an elementary teacher looking for strategies for how to keep your classroom clean and tidy, then you found the right place! There is no tired quite like a teacher at the end of the school day. Your students have been dismissed and your contracted work day is

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How to Store Clipboards in the Elementary Classroom – 2024

If you don’t have a class set of clipboards, I recommend investing. They are usually available at the Dollar Store so it isn’t a huge cost. They’re so handy to have for floor work, computer research, centers to go, and more. They have become an essential tool for classrooms using flexible seating. The

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