How to Store Clipboards in the Elementary Classroom – 2024

If you don’t have a class set of clipboards, I recommend investing. They are usually available at the Dollar Store so it isn’t a huge cost. They’re so handy to have for floor work, computer research, centers to go, and more. They have become an essential tool for classrooms using flexible seating. The only problem is… Where and how do you store them? They are awkwardly-shaped and clunky. Check out some possible solutions for how to store clipboards in your classroom below!

5 Ideas for How to Store Clipboards in Your Classroom

Below are 5 suggestions for how to store clipboards in your classroom.

Open Buckets

I am a big fan of storing clipboards in an open bucket. I almost welcome the chaos of clipboards being dropped in all random-like because I wouldn’t have that pressing urge to straighten them up all the time.

Small Bins

Currently, I store my clipboards in blue bins from Dollar Tree. I like them because the sides are taller than a dishpan so they don’t topple and it doesn’t have as large of a footprint as a milk crate (which I’ve also used and didn’t hate). It’s a perfect size for about 1/3 of a class set which is ideal because I like having them stationed around the room instead of in only one location. That way when I say, “grab a clipboard and meet me on the rug” there isn’t one giant cluster of kids. The only downside is that bins from the Dollar Tree that get daily use don’t hold up.

Milk Crates

As I mentioned, I tried out milk crates. I found these to be a sturdy option. I needed two of them to hold a class set of clipboards. Spreading them out eased the traffic flow.

Hang Them Using Push Pins

I did hang my boards like this one year using push pins. Overall, it wasn’t a total fail, but the pins did start to fall out and once they did they were hard to keep in. The wall looked like Swiss cheese when all was said and done.

Hang Them Using Desk Hooks

Hooks on the side of the desk are all kinds of handy-dandy. Depending on the style of your desks, you may even be able to clip the board directly onto the support bar.

In closing, we hope you found this post about how to store clipboards in the classroom helpful! While we are talking about clipboards, I thought I’d mention what a great gift they can make for coworkers, volunteers, aides or even students. They are fun and easy to decorate and you could easily transform a regular old cheap clipboard into something fancy and fabulous for next to nothing. What a nice end of the year gift for students. Pair it with a pencil and it will be a great way to encourage student writing over the summer. It’s also a great inexpensive gift for your teacher coworkers! If you need more storage and organization tips, continue to browse the blog and check out my organization guide for elementary teachers!

Organizing clipboards can be hard because they are so cumbersome! There are so many storage solutions I have come up with including the use of containers, crates, bins and boxes to organize clipboards.
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