October Read Alouds for Elementary Teachers (Grades 1-5) in 2024

Are you looking for some October read alouds to add to your classroom library? Interactive read alouds are one of my favorite October activities for kids! Below you will find some great titles that I have enjoyed reading to my students as well as my own children at home during the month of October. 

This post features the following October read alouds:

October read alouds

12 October Read Aloud Topics

Check out the list of 12 October read aloud topics you need in your classroom library.

1. Fall Books for Kids

This list of fall books for kids includes picture books about the changing of the seasons, temperatures dropping, leaves falling, and trees changing. A few titles included on this list are Fletcher and the Falling Leaves, Little Boo, and Little Tree.

2. Pumpkin Books for Kids

These pumpkin books for kids include picture books about the pumpkin lifecycle, jack-o-lanterns, and more. A few titles included on this list are The Ugly Pumpkin, Stumpkin, and Pumpkin Jack.

3. National Bullying Prevention Month Books

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. This list of National Bullying Prevention Month books includes titles such as Chrysanthemum, Rulers of the Playground, and The Juice Box Bully.

4. Day of the Dead Books

Day of the Dead is celebrated between late October to early November. These Day of the Dead Books feature stories about ghosts, skeletons and celebrating culture and holiday traditions. A couple of books included on this list are The Dead Family Diaz and Gustavo.

5. Halloween Books

Halloween always takes place on October 31st. This list of Halloween Books features stories about pumpkins, witches, monsters and some creepy, yet well known characters. Some titles included on this list are The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, Pig the Monster, and Room on the Broom.

6. Fire Safety Books

Fire Safety Week takes place during the month of October. These Fire Safety Books include helpful books to help discuss and explore fire safety in your classroom. This list includes titles such as Dot the Fire Dog, Fireboat, and A Chair for My Mother.

7. Monster Books

This list of Monster Books features many stories about both scary and friendly monsters. Some titles included on this list are I Need My Monster, How to Catch a Monster, and Love Monster.

8. Skeleton Books

These Skeleton Books include some entertaining stories staring skeleton characters. A few titles included on this list are Bone Soup, Skeleton Meets the Mummy, and Bonaparte Falls Apart.

9. Witch Books

This list of Witch Books include stories about flying on a broom, pumpkins, and magic. A few titles on this list include Alice and Greta, Big Pumpkin, and Room on the Broom.

10. Spider Books

These Spider Books are about spider webs, the life of a spider and how to get over having a fear of spiders! Some titles included on this list are The Very Busy Spider, Anansi the Spider, and I’m Trying to Love Spiders.

11. Bat Books

This list of Bat Books includes fun stories starring characters who are bats! A few titles on this list are Bat’s Big Game, Bat Loves the Night, and Nightsong.

11. Substitute Teacher Books

October is when teachers often start to feel sick and need a day off which means they need a substitute for their class. Some helpful Substitute Teacher Books to teach your students how to behave for your sub include titles like Miss Malarkey Won’t Be in Today and Jamaica and the Substitute Teacher.

12. Hispanic Heritage Month Books

September 15th through October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month. These Hispanic Heritage Month Books includes titles such as Too Many Tamales, Alma and How She Got Her Name and Where Are You From?

In closing, we hope you found this list of October read alouds helpful!

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