Turkey Children’s Books for November Read Alouds in 2022

Calling all my elementary teacher friends! Many of these turkey children’s books are great options for November read alouds, but there are some that better lend themselves to other parts of the school year. An example is Turkey’s Eggcellent Easter by Wendi Silvano. This is a fun read aloud for the spring around Easter time. Nonetheless, be sure to add these turkey children’s books to your list this year!

This post highlights the following turkey children’s books:

  • A Plump And Perky Turkey
  • The Very Stuffed Turkey
  • How to Catch a Turkey
  • A Turkey For Thanksgiving
  • Turk and Runt
  • Run, Turkey, Run!
  • Turkey Trouble
  • Turkey’s Eggcellent Easter
  • Gracias, The Thanksgiving Turkey
  • Turkey Claus
  • Turkey Trick or Treat
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11 Turkey Children’s Books

Below are 10 turkey children’s books that are great November read alouds. Your students will love listening to these books about turkeys!

A Plump And Perky Turkey by Teresa Bateman

A Plump And Perky Turkey is about a clever turkey who refuses to become Thanksgiving dinner. As the townspeople are preparing for their Thanksgiving feast, they suddenly realize there are no turkeys in sight. They come up with a plan to lure the turkeys into town by advertising for a “model” turkey to pose for their arts and crafts fair. When Pete the turkey arrives he seems perfect for the job. They plan to use him as their model and when they are finished, he will become their Thanksgiving feast. However, Pete is much more clever than the townspeople expect. He finds a way to outsmart them and makes his escape, leaving nothing but shredded wheat to eat for the Thanksgiving feast.

writing paper for the book A Plump and Perky TurkeyThe Very Stuffed Turkey book cover

The Very Stuffed Turkey by Katharine Kenah

In The Very Stuffed Turkey, it was finally Thanksgiving, but Turkey had a problem. He had been invited to five different houses for Thanksgiving dinner! Pig, Horse, Goat and Sheep, Cow and Mouse had all invited Turkey for dinner, but he was sure he could handle it. After making a map to find the most efficient route, Turkey headed off to Pig’s house. Once he arrived, Pig, the piglets, and Turkey gobbled up their meal. At Horse’s house, Turkey was beginning to feel full, but still managed to finish his second dinner. At Goat and Sheep’s house, Turkey managed to eat yet another meal, then played hide-and-seek with his friends. Turkey was late getting to Cow’s house, but he was just in time for dessert. By the time Turkey ate at Mouse’s house, he was so stuffed that he could barely walk! With Mouse, Turkey walked in the family parade, where he saw all his friends. Suddenly, he tipped over and fell to the ground because he had eaten so much! He told his friends why he was so full and they agreed to go to one house next Thanksgiving.

How to Catch a Turkey by Adam Wallace

In How to Catch a Turkey, it is around the time of Thanksgiving, and Turkey finds himself on stage and about to participate in a school play! With a bad case of stage fright, he breaks out of his pen and runs through the science room, the cafeteria, the library, a classroom, and the jungle gym with a herd of children right behind him! Finally, the principal herself steps in with a net and joins the chase. While trying to escape, Turkey again finds himself on stage, and, as the spotlight shines on him, finds that maybe being in front of an audience isn’t so bad after all!

How to Catch a Turkey book coverworksheet for A Turkey for Thanksgiving children's book

A Turkey For Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting

In the book A Turkey for Thanksgiving, Mr. and Mrs. Moose are getting ready to have their friends over for Thanksgiving dinner. When everything is set up, Mrs. Moose is disappointed that she does not have a turkey at dinner, so Mr. Moose decides to go out and find her one. As Mr. Moose wanders around looking for a turkey, he runs into friends along the way. Each friend joins him in the search. When they come upon a turkey’s nest, the friends try to catch the turkey. Mr. Moose pushes the frightened turkey home to Mrs. Moose. When they return home, Mrs. Moose is so happy to have Turkey at dinner. She makes sure there is food he likes to eat and sits him right next to her. Turkey is relieved to find that he is sitting at the table and not on it. All of the friends enjoy eating their Thanksgiving dinner together. This book is one of the most popular turkey books for kids!

Turk And Runt by Lisa Wheeler

Turk and Runt tells the story of two turkeys that are brothers. Turk’s parents are so proud of him because he is big and strong. They imagine that he will be a dancer or football player. Runt however, is much smaller and no one in the family ever listens to him. As Thanksgiving approaches, people visit the farm to pick out their turkey. The parents think the visitors admiring Turk want him to perform in a ballet or join a football team. No one listens to Runt’s warnings about Turk becoming someone’s dinner. He acts wildly and sickly to scare the visitors away and protect his brother. When an older woman arrives and decides Runt is the perfect size for her, Runt and Turk must work together to stop the old lady from taking him home. This book will quickly become one of your students’ favorite turkey picture books!

worksheet for the book Turk and RuntRun, Turkey, Run! book cover

Run, Turkey, Run! by Diane Mayr

In Run, Turkey, Run!, It is Thanksgiving, and Turkey must escape the farmer who wants a turkey dinner! He tries to blend in with the pigs, ducks, and horses, but none of the disguises work. He then runs to the forest where he hides in the trees, and luckily the farmer cannot spot him. Instead of turkey, the family eats grilled cheese sandwiches for Thanksgiving dinner!

Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano

In Turkey Trouble, Farmer Jake is starting to plan his Thanksgiving dinner and Turkey knows that he is in trouble. He decides that he is going to avoid being the main course this year. Turkey disguises himself as various farm animals to avoid being eaten. Each time Turkey dresses up as another animal, the other animals on the farm recognize him.

Turkey becomes discouraged. He knows that he needs a new plan. He finds himself in the middle of the vegetable patch on the farm. Turkey dresses up as a pizza delivery man and delivers a pizza to Farmer Jake. Turkey solves his problem and has his best Thanksgiving ever.

writing paper for children's book, Turkey TroubleTurkey's Eggcellent Easter book cover

Turkey’s Eggcellent Easter by Wendi Silvano

In Turkey’s Eggcellent Easter, there is going to be an Easter Egg Hunt in the park and Turkey and his friends want to go. They found out there would be a prize for whoever finds the special egg. Unfortunately, only children are allowed at the egg hunt. The animals decide they must come up with a disguise in order to take part in the egg hunt. Turkey’s friends help to disguise him as a rabbit, but a little girl discovers him at the egg hunt. Turkey tries other disguises, a daffodil and a bumblebee, but those don’t work out either.

Finally, Turkey and his friend decide to disguise him as an egg. When Max finds Turkey disguised as an egg, he brings him to the prize table. Farmer Jake knows what Turkey is doing, and lets both Max and Turkey choose a prize. Turkey is happy to win a pizza covered with jelly beans that he can share with his friends.

Gracias, The Thanksgiving Turkey by Joy Cowley

In Gracias, The Thanksgiving Turkey, when Miguel’s dad sent him a present, he was expecting rollerblades or a baseball glove, but he was surprised to find a turkey waiting for him at the train station! His father taped a note to the box asking Miguel to fatten the turkey up so his family could enjoy it on Thanksgiving. However, Miguel decides that he wants to keep the turkey, who he names Gracias, at their New York City apartment. Miguel begins taking Gracias out for walks in the city, and the two quickly become friends. After more misadventures with Gracias, Thanksgiving arrives, and the family has turkey for dinner, but not in the way one might think!

Gracias The Thanksgiving Turkey book coverTurkey Claus book cover

Turkey Claus by Wendi Silvano

In Turkey Claus, Thanksgiving was over, and Turkey was safe, but then he overhears the Farmer and his wife discussing what they would like for Christmas dinner. Guess what was on the top of their list? Turkey! He noticed that all the children had written their letters to Santa with their wishes, and Turkey had a wish too. Since it was too late to mail letters, Turkey decided to travel to the North Pole himself. When he arrived at Santa’s Village, Turkey was told that Santa was too busy to be seen the day before Christmas. After disguising himself as a Christmas tree, a reindeer, a candy cane, Mrs Claus, and a present, Turkey was finally able to see Santa Claus just in time. Santa had an idea for the perfect disguise to keep Turkey safe!

Turkey Trick or Treat by Wendi Silvano

It is Halloween night and Turkey and his friends are watching the children get treats from Farmer Jake. The friends decide its unfair that the children can get treats and they can’t. The group decides that since Turkey is so good at making costumes, he should try wearing a costume to get them treats.

Dressed up as a ghost, Turkey makes his way to Farmer Ben’s house. When Farmer Ben answers the door, he recognizes Turkey right away. He explains that treats are not for Turkeys and sends Turkey on his way. However, the friends aren’t ready to give up. Turkey dresses up as a ballerina, pirate, and even a superhero. Each time he visits a new farmer, but each time they send Turkey away.

Finally, as the night is coming to an end, Turkey has an idea. He heads over to Mable Mayberry’s house. Mable squints through her glasses and is amazed by the turkey costume in front of her. She thinks it is the best costume she has ever seen and gives Turkey the rest of her treats!

The friends are happy to finally have plenty of treats to share! Students will love seeing their favorite characters from the Turkey series in this Halloween story. Check out these other Halloween books for kids!

If you are looking for standards-based worksheets and activities that go with these turkey books, check out the Starts With a Story resources below that go with 6 of the books on this list!

A Plump and Perky TurkeyA Turkey for ThanksgivingTurk and Runt
Turkey TroubleTurkey's Eggcellent EasterTurkey Trick or Treat book companion

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