November Writing Prompt Activity for Elementary Students – 2024

Thanksgiving is coming up soon which means, both you and your students are feeling the anticipation of the exciting holiday. Students’ attention spans are decreasing as their minds wander thinking about the yummy Thanksgiving feasts they will soon get to have, along with the fun quality time they will get to spend with their families. The Turkey Hideout for Sale Writing Activity we share about in this post is a great resource to use during this time. Not only does it keep students focused and enthusiastic about learning, but it also reinforces key writing concepts and skills. By utilizing this teaching resource, teachers ensure that valuable learning continues right up until the Thanksgiving holiday finally arrives. Learn more about this fun and engaging November writing activity below!

Turkey Hideout for Sale writing project

November Writing Prompt Activity

One of our favorite November activities we offer is our Turkey Hideout for Sale Writing Activity. Learn more about what it is, what it includes, why teachers love it, and how you can use it in your classroom.

What is the Turkey Hideout for Sale Writing Activity?

The Turkey Hideout for Sale Writing Activity is a fun and engaging writing activity that provides students with an opportunity to practice descriptive writing skills. The packet includes differentiated materials to accommodate multiple grade levels and academic abilities.

This resource includes:

  • teacher guide that explains how to use all of the included printables
  • writing prompts and story starters that offer you options you can choose from or have your students choose from, which increases student engagement
  • brainstorm activities to help your students generate strong word choice (nouns and verbs) for their writing
  • sensory details planner that guides students through using their senses to describe the house
  • graphic organizers to help students plan out their writing in a strategic way
  • drafting pages that come in three different templates so you can choose which ones work best for your students
  • publishing pages that come in two different template papers so you can differentiate based on your students’ needs
  • class book covers so you can create a keepsake that students can refer back to throughout the year and remember the fun activity they did as a class
  • bulletin board resources that will help you create a beautiful classroom display showcasing your students’ work
  • art project directions and examples that walk you step-by-step through how to create different art craft projects that can go with your students’ writing activities
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Why Teachers Love This November Writing Activity

Elementary teachers love this November writing activity because it…

  • The printable resources are quick and easy to prep – just copy and go!
  • The brainstorming and planning pages help reluctant writers generate ideas and get started.
  • They help disorganized writers plan their writing, which leads to their future success with writing.
  • The resources make it easy to differentiate so you can meet the needs of all your students.
  • This resource is a great way to keep students engaged and learning during a time when that can be difficult.

7 Ways Teachers Use this Writing Activity

Below are the different ways elementary teachers use this writing activity in their classroom:

  • Thanksgiving activity
  • November writing project
  • resource for Writer’s Workshop
  • sub plans
  • homework
  • independent work
  • writing centers

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In closing, we hope you found this post about our popular Turkey Hideout for Sale November writing prompt activity helpful. If you did, then you may also be interested in these other posts:

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