Groundhog Day Books for Elementary Students in 2024

Groundhog Day is one of those holidays that always sneaks up on me! I think it’s because it’s at the beginning of the month. If you are the same and find yourself waking up on February 2nd without a lesson or activity celebrating this day, then the list of Groundhog Day books below might help! The best part is that many of these books can be found in your school library or personal library.

Your elementary students will love listening to one of the groundhog books listed below and engaging in a classroom discussion about this holiday. Learn more about the list of Groundhog Day books below!

This post highlights the following Groundhog Day books that make great winter read alouds:

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4 Groundhog Day Books for Kids

Read the summaries of 10 of my favorite Groundhog books below! You’ll love these February read alouds!

1. Groundhog’s Day Off by Robb Pearlman

Groundhog’s Day Off is a story about how Groundhog is getting tired of the same routine year after year. He wishes the tourists and reporters would ask him personal questions for once, rather than focusing on the weather. He decides that he is going to take a vacation. Before heading to the spa, Groundhog leaves a note to the people explaining they’ll have to find someone else for Groundhog Day this year. 

The mayor decides that they will hold auditions for the role of Groundhog. Many animals try out but no one is right for the job. While watching the news, Groundhog hears the Mayor talking about how special Groundhog was. Groundhog is excited to hear how much people think of him and rushes back to his hole. Everyone is excited to hear from him and ask him questions.

On Groundhog Day, he gets what he always wanted, everyone is interested in him instead of the weather. At the end of the day, Groundhog happily heads back to his hole. He hears the news that Bunny has quit! 

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2. Groundhog Weather School by Joan Holub

In the book Groundhog Weather School, join eight young groundhogs (and one determined skunk) as they learn all about weather and famous groundhogs in this informational, yet entertaining read. This book teaches facts about Groundhog’s Day, the reason for the change in temperature throughout the seasons, and how some plants and animals can help predict the weather, among many other interesting facts. Students will love how the book’s layout, small sections of text in bubbles, along with funny illustrations make the story engaging!

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3. Groundhog Gets a Say by Pamela Curtis Swallow

Groundhog Gets a Say is a story about how Groundhog is tired of being the center of attention for only one day. He thinks that his holiday should be longer than a day, or maybe even a month, because a species like his should get more attention. His friends, a crow and a squirrel, think he is too full of himself because, besides the turkey, he is the only animal to get a national holiday. Groundhog proves them wrong by listing everything he can do, like keep his burrow neat and run as fast as a fourth grader! This book has a lot of educational value while still being entertaining for students.

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4. Groundhug Day by Anne Marie Pace

The picture book Groundhug Day is a wonderful February read aloud for Groundhogs Day. Moose was having a party for Valentine’s Day and wanted all of his friends to be there. Bunny, Porcupine and Squirrel were ready but Groundhog was not. The friends realized it was almost Groundhog’s Day and if Groundhog saw his shadow he would not be at the party. Bunny, Porcupine, Moose and Squirrel spent the night arguing about how they could stop Groundhog from seeing his shadow.

When the sun came up they were still arguing and Groundhog started to come out of his hole. When Groundhog saw his shadow, he immediately went back inside. That’s when his friends realized he was afraid of shadows. Moose, Bunny, Porcupine and Squirrel started telling Groundhog about all the fun things they could do with shadows. Groundhog thought it sounded fun so he came out of his hole. The friends spent the day playing with shadows but at the end of the day Groundhog still wanted to go into his hole. He explained to his friends that it was too cold outside his hole. He wouldn’t be at the Valentine’s Party so the friends exchanged hugs instead.

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