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Eucalyptus Classroom Theme Ideas for Elementary Teachers in 2024

Teachers that are looking to create a classroom that has a natural, calm and simple feel will love a eucalyptus classroom theme. This plant is known for promoting relaxation so it is the perfect theme for any teacher that wants to feel relaxed while at school. One reason to love this theme is it can easily be paired with other decorations when you want to change things up. A eucalyptus theme is a great way to make your room feel rustic yet modern. Learn more about a travel classroom theme below and scoop up this eucalyptus classroom theme packet!

eucalyptus as a classroom theme for elementary teachers

Eucalyptus Theme Bulletin Board Ideas

Below are some eucalyptus theme bulletin board ideas for elementary teachers.

Eucalyptus Bulletin Board Backgrounds

If you are going to use paper as a bulletin board background, consider using a rustic wood paper to compliment this theme. Use a black and white buffalo print fabric to cover your bulletin board. Hanging linen fabric, solid or printed, as a bulletin board background looks great with this theme.

Eucalyptus Bulletin Board Trim

eucalyptus theme bulletin board trim with pennants, banner and bunting

In addition to traditional border, put these items around the perimeter of your board.

  • eucalyptus garland
  • buffalo print ribbon
  • burlap ribbon
  • natural colored tassels 
  • strips of rustic wood paper

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Eucalyptus Bulletin Board Title Ideas

  • Write the phrase “Welcome to Our Happy Place” on your classroom door
  • Add the words “Each Day is a Fresh Start” to your classroom calendar area
  •  Write “Learning Blooms Here” on your classroom door
  • Add the phrase “Branch Out With a New Book” to your classroom library
  • Create a back to school bulletin titled “Amazing Students Grow Here”

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5 Ideas for a Eucalyptus Themed Classroom

  1. Hang a eucalyptus wreath on your classroom door
  2. Place vases with eucalyptus leaves around the room
  3. Keep your room smelling fresh with a eucalyptus room spray
  4. Continue the rustic feel by using galvanized buckets and wooden baskets for storage
  5. Consider using eucalyptus essential oils in your room if your district allows
free printable planning organizers for eucalyptus classroom theme on a desk

Themes to Pair Your Eucalyptus Theme With

Get access to all of the Clutter-Free Classroom decor themes and color schemes in the Elementary Classroom Decor Collection, including the ones listed below that pair really nicely with a eucalyptus theme.

eucalyptus themed background for a cheap and easy online teaching or a VIP kid backdropeditable nameplates and basket labels for a eucalyptus themed classroom

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eucalyptus theme labels for paper organization in the classroomeucalyptus themed tools for improving student behavior in an elementary classroom
editable elementary schedule cards and job chart labels with a eucalyptus themeeucalyptus theme editable dismissal chart for elementary classrooms with for better classroom

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elementary classroom word wall and reading logs for a eucalyptus themed classroomprintable and editable eucalyptus theme classroom decor packets
eucalyptus themed math resources for telling time, place value and the days of the weekDIY printable classroom calendar for elementary teachers using a eucalyptus classroom theme

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eucalyptus classroom themed google classroom headers and google classroom bannerseucalyptus theme google classroom slides and powerpoint templates for elementary teachers shown on computers

In closing, we hope you found these eucalyptus classroom theme ideas helpful! If you did, then you may also be interested in the free eucalyptus planning organizer below as well as these classroom decorating posts:

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