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Crayons Classroom Theme Ideas for Elementary Teachers in 2022

If you love bright colors and are looking for a traditional theme for your elementary classroom, then a crayons classroom theme might be a good fit for you! It incorporates all of the colors of the rainbow and beyond! Teachers love this theme because it creates a simple yet welcoming learning environment for their students. They also love it because there are a ton of fun DIY ideas you can incorporate into this theme. This theme works great for both lower and upper elementary classroom decor. Learn more about a crayon classroom theme below and scoop up this crayon classroom theme packet!

crayons classroom decor ideas

Crayons Theme Bulletin Board Ideas

Below are some crayon theme bulletin board ideas for elementary teachers.

Crayon Bulletin Board Backgrounds

The color options for a crayon-themed bulletin board background are endless! Think about wrapping paper or kids’ sheets with crayons on them. If you are interested in solid color fabric, stick with the colors of the rainbow to create a cohesive look: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Crayon Bulletin Board Trim

crayons theme bulletin board trim with pennants, banner and bunting

In addition to traditional border, put these items around the perimeter of your board.

  • crayons hot glued to a solid color bulletin board trim
  • crayon wrappers
  • crayon boxes
  • scribbled crayon drawings on the back of trim you already have
  • melted crayon with hairdryer on plain white trim

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Crayons Bulletin Board Title Ideas

  • “We are the Brightest Crayons in the Box!”
  • “Our New Pack”
  • “We are Going to Have a Colorful Year”
  • “Look Who Is In Our Pack”
  • When creating your own titles, use words like colorful, pack, or sharp.

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8 Ideas for a Crayon Themed Classroom

  1. Use a hair dryer to melt crayons on a canvas and create a beautiful customized sign for the door.
  2. Create a hanging banner by scanning covers of books with a crayon theme.
  3. Hot glue crayons around the outside of tin cans to create containers for student pencils or other school supplies.
  4. If you teach on a team with several other teachers, you could make crayons a team theme and decorate the hall as such. Each of the different classrooms could then be assigned a different color and decorated with that color scheme.
  5. Label your writing area as “Colorful Writing.”
  6. Color code your students by group and hang an inflatable crayon above their table.
  7. Name your math workshop teams after different crayon colors.
  8. Set up a display of books that relate to the theme by standing them on a counter or shelf.
free printable planning organizers for crayon classroom theme on a desk

Themes to Pair Your Crayon Theme With

Get access to all of the Clutter-Free Classroom decor themes and color schemes in the Elementary Classroom Decor Collection, including the ones listed below that pair really nicely with a crayon theme.

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elementary classroom word wall and reading logs for a crayons themed classroomprintable and editable crayons theme classroom decor packets
crayons themed math resources for telling time, place value and the days of the weekDIY printable classroom calendar for elementary teachers using a crayons classroom theme

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crayons classroom themed google classroom headers and google classroom bannerscrayons theme google classroom slides and powerpoint templates for elementary teachers shown on computers

Crayons Classroom Theme Pictures

The crayons classroom theme bundle includes BOTH the original version (shown below) and the newly updated version (shown above). In the newer version, we used all new clipart which includes much more diverse characters. Also, we made the entire bundle 100% editable so not only can you customize it with your students’ names and details specific to your classroom, you can now translate EVERYTHING into other languages too. This has long been a request from teachers of ELLs and immersion classrooms. Both versions are available in the Elementary Classroom Decor Collection.

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In closing, we hope you found these crayons classroom theme ideas helpful! If you did, then you may also be interested in the free crayon planning organizer below as well as these classroom decorating posts:

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