Dinosaur Theme Classroom Ideas for Elementary Teachers in 2024

A dinosaur themed classroom helps you create an adventure-filled learning environment! It’s a great way to bring history and nature into your classroom. When designing your space, think about simple natural elements you can pull in like artificial greenery. There are tons of fun DIY ideas out there! Teachers love this theme because it’s a fun theme that both lower and upper elementary students really appreciate. Learn more about a dinosaur theme classroom below and scoop up this dinosaur classroom theme packet!

dinosaur classroom decor ideas

Dinosaur Theme Bulletin Board Ideas

Below are some dinosaur theme bulletin board ideas for elementary teachers.

Dinosaur Bulletin Board Backgrounds

If you prefer solid color fabric or butcher paper for bulletin board backgrounds, consider using the neutral colors black, brown, green, or navy blue. A fun DIY idea is to hot glue and layer artificial leaves on top of one another to create a textured background for your bulletin board.

Dinosaur Bulletin Board Trim

In addition to traditional border, put these items around the perimeter of your board.

  • dip plastic dinosaur toys’ feet in paint and use it to make footprint stamps
  • take toy dinosaurs and hot glue onto solid color bulletin board trim
  • hot glue sand and little bones onto solid color bulletin board trim
  • use plastic eggs and glue onto solid color bulletin board trim
  • strips of brown felt
  • artificial leaves

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Dinosaur Bulletin Board Title Ideas

  • “Our Class is Dino-Mite”
  • “Stomp, Chomp, Big Roars! Here Come the Dinosaurs!”
  • “Dig Up a Good Book”
  • “Dinosaurs Didn’t Read and Now They’re Extinct”
  • When creating your own titles, use words like dig, roar, or extinct.

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8 Ideas for a Dinosaur Themed Classroom

  1. Display student work with the title, “We Really Dig Learning About…”
  2. Place toy dinosaur models around the room as accents.
  3. Hang an inflatable Pterodactyl from the ceiling.
  4. Use craft paper to create a volcano in the corner of the classroom.
  5. Egg shapes can be used to back bulletin board letters.
  6. Take photos of your students with a tan shirt and safari-style hat holding a shovel to use as labels for cubbies/lockers or to decorate the classroom.
  7. Name your guided math or reading groups using names of dinosaurs.
  8. Set up a display of books that relate to the theme by standing them on a counter or shelf.
free printable planning organizers for dinosaur classroom theme on a desk

Themes to Pair Your Dinosaur Theme With

Get access to all of the Clutter-Free Classroom decor themes and color schemes in the Elementary Classroom Decor Collection, including the ones listed below that pair really nicely with a dinosaur theme.

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DINOSAUR Theme Classroom: If you’re an elementary teacher who is thinking about a dinosaur theme then this classroom decor blog post is for you. It’ll make decorating for back to school fun and easy. It’s full of photos, tips, ideas, and free printables to plan and organize how you will set up your classroom and decorate your bulletin boards for the first day of school and beyond.

Dinosaur Themed Classroom Pictures

The dinosaur classroom theme bundle includes BOTH the original version (shown below) and the newly updated version (shown above). In the newer version, we used all new clipart which includes much more diverse characters. Also, we made the entire bundle 100% editable so not only can you customize it with your students’ names and details specific to your classroom, you can now translate EVERYTHING into other languages too. This has long been a request from teachers of ELLs and immersion classrooms. Both versions are available in the Elementary Classroom Decor Collection.

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Get Access to All 60+ Classroom Decor Packets |OR| Buy The Dinosaur Theme Only

In closing, we hope you found these dinosaur classroom theme ideas helpful! If you did, then you may also be interested in the free dinosaur planning organizer below as well as these classroom decorating posts:

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