Mother’s Day Books for Kids at the Elementary Level in 2024

If you are an elementary teacher looking for Mother’s Day books for kids or simply picture books about moms, then you found the right place! This list of read alouds lend themselves to celebrating Mother’s Day, but can be shared any time of the school year. These Mothers Day picture books remind students how special mothers are! You and your students will love these sweet picture books about mothers. Check out the full list of Mother’s Day books for kids below!

This post highlights the following children’s books for celebrating Mother’s Day:

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6 Mother’s Day Books for Kids

Below are 6 quality Mother’s Day books for kids. Your elementary students will love these Mother’s Day read alouds!

1. Mother Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins

The story Mother Bruce is a about a grumpy bear who lives alone in the woods. Bruce is a picky eater, so he does NOT like anything except eggs. One day, as he is trying out a new recipe, his breakfast suddenly hatches. Bruce becomes the victim of mistaken identity. Now he must figure out what to do with the tiny goslings that call him “Mama.” This is such a sweet story that can be used as one of your Mothers Day children’s books!

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Writing paper based on the book, Mother BruceA Chair for My Mother worksheet

2. A Chair for my Mother by Vera B. Williams

A Chair For My Mother by Vera Williams is the story of a young girl named Rosa and her mother. Not too long ago, there was a fire in Rosa’s apartment and they lost everything. Their neighbors, friends and family helped by donating many things. However, they did not have a sofa or big chairs. Rosa’s mother worked as a waitress at a diner. Sometimes Rosa helped out at the diner and earned money. Both Rosa and her mother saved their money in a big jar. When the jar was full they planned to buy the chair of their dreams.

One day, the jar was full! Rosa, her mother and grandmother went to the store searching for the perfect chair. When they find it, they take it home right away. Now Rosa’s mother can sit in the chair to rest after a long day.

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3. Bob, Not Bob by Audrey Vernick and Liz Garton Scanlon

In Bob, Not Bob, little Louie is sick with a terrible cold! His ears are blocked, his nose is stuffed, and he is hot and sweaty. Louie does not want to color, watch tv or shoot baskets. All he wants is his mother. Whenever he calls for his mom, his dog Bob comes running. That’s because Louie sounds different when his nose is stuffy. Everyone is having a hard time understanding Louie, and mom and Bob keep getting mixed up.

Eventually, mom comes into Louie’s room and crawls into bed with him. The two spend the rest of the day sleeping. When Louie starts to feel better, he is able to play with Bob again and can speak regularly. However, he hears Mom start to sneeze. Students will laugh out loud as they listen to this book that should be read as though you have a cold. This is such a sweet children’s story for Mother’s Day that reminds students about how much their mothers do for them.

Check out these Bob, Not Bob activities!

Bob, Not Bob worksheetSalt in His Shoes writing paper

4. Salt in His Shoes by Deloris Jordan and Roslyn M. Jordan

The book Salt in His Shoes tells the story of Michael Jordan as a young boy. He grew up playing basketball with his brothers, however, he was the shortest boy on the court. He was often teased by one of the taller boys. After losing a game one day, Michael asked his mother what he needed to do to grow taller. His mom suggested putting salt in his shoes, being patient, and praying every day. Michael did this for several months while practicing basketball.

Months later, he wasn’t any taller and was starting to feel discouraged. Michael’s dad talked to him and explained that he didn’t need to be tall to be a good player. He needed to be determined, work hard, and practice. This gave Michael the confidence to go back to the basketball court with his brothers. He was able to score the winning point for his team and went on to become a basketball star. This is not one of the most traditional Mother’s day picture books, but it highlights the impact mothers have on their children.

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5. Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

One night, three baby owls: Percy, Sarah, and Bill wake up to find their mother is not there in the book Owl Babies. Feeling nervous at first, the baby owls decide their mother must be out hunting. However, the longer they wait the more scared they feel.

The three owl babies wait outside their home on a branch looking for their mother. It is dark in the woods and the owls sit together trying to be brave. Finally, Owl Mother swoops down and comes home to her babies. They are relieved to have her home. Students will love this sweet story about the three baby owls. 

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Owl Babies worksheetworksheet based on the book Stella Brings the Family

6. Stella Brings the Family by Jannell Cannon

In Stella Brings the Family, Stella’s teacher tells the class they will be having a special Mother’s Day Celebration at school. Her classmates are excited, but Stella is nervous. She doesn’t have a mother like all her classmates do, she has two fathers. Stella worries about who she will bring to the party. Her classmates wonder if she doesn’t have a mother, who makes her lunch, reads her stories and gives her kisses. Stella explains that her fathers do all of that and there are a lot of people that give her kisses. Jonathan suggests that Stella bring everyone to the party and the children start preparing.

On the day of the party, Stella brings her fathers, grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousin to the party. Everyone has a great time celebrating! 

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Reading Activities

If you are looking for book-based lesson ideas and worksheets, then check out these Starts With a Story resources. They include printable and digital activities, lesson ideas, and much more!

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