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How to Use Graphic Organizers for Reading Comprehension

Would you like to improve your students’ reading and writing skills? Using graphic organizers for reading comprehension will make it easier for students to make sense of what they are reading, organize their thinking, and strengthen their writing abilities as well. WHAT IS A GRAPHIC ORGANIZER? A graphic organizer is

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Spelling Activities for Any Word List: EDITABLE

Spelling Activities to Use with Any Word List It is always challenging to meet the varied needs of the learners in your classroom. Ideally you want your students to be working on the same activity, but you understand that each learner has different needs and abilities.  These printable activity pages

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Teaching Text Annotation to Elementary Students in 2021

There are tons of strategies for analyzing texts. This post will focus on teaching students to annotate important parts of the text, which is called text annotation. Teaching text annotation is a great way to support your 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students because it’s an effective reading comprehension strategy

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Thinking Stem Bookmarks {Reading Comprehension}

These bookmarks were created for children to use while reading to improve student comprehension by encouraging them to generate questions.  The answers to thick questions are inferred.  They require the reader to make predictions or to formulate new beliefs and ideas.  The Thinking Stems Bookmarks Packet includes 4 printable pages

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Comparing Books and Movies

Today we are planning to pop in to Disney’s Hollywood Studios so I made a new product that fit the theme of the day. I think it’s also perfect for this time of year as things start winding down and the familiar glow of screen in a darkened classroom becomes

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How I Made Nouns Fun…

When I mention the word “science” in my classroom, 22 little faces all light up with excitement. I accidentally left a bag of bolts on a shelf in their view the other day and when I was asked what they were for and casually replied, “we’ll be using them in

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