fox classroom decor ideas

Fox Classroom Theme Ideas

WHY CHOOSE A FOX CLASSROOM THEME Your students will feel like they were transported to the forest or woodlands with a fox classroom theme. Teachers love that this rustic classroom theme adds bright pops of color to the learning environment.  Teachers love this theme because it helps them share their

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flamgino classroom decor ideas

Flamingo Classroom Theme Ideas

WHY CHOOSE A FLAMINGO CLASSROOM THEME Your learning environment will feel like a tropical paradise when you use a  flamingo classroom theme. The bright colors and prints in this theme will make any classroom feel bright, cheerful and fun. Whether you love flamingos themselves or just love the feeling of

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sunflower classroom decor ideas

Sunflower Classroom Theme Ideas

WHY CHOOSE A SUNFLOWER CLASSROOM THEME Teachers love a sunflower classroom theme because sunflowers give off a cheery feeling that will make your classroom feel happy and bright. Many teachers love a sunflower theme because it gives a rustic yet modern feel to the classroom. It goes well with rustic

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cactus or succulents as classroom decor

Cactus Classroom Theme Ideas

WHY CHOOSE A CACTUS CLASSROOM THEME A cactus classroom theme is perfect for any teacher that loves boho style. It adds a fun and cheerful feel to your classroom environment. This classroom theme typically has a calming color palette of greens and pinks that makes students feel comfortable in the

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board game classroom decor ideas

Board Game Classroom Theme Ideas

WHY CHOOSE A BOARD GAME CLASSROOM THEME If you are a lover of board games like chess, checkers, monopoly and more, consider creating a board game classroom theme. This theme is a fun way to introduce students to all different board games and create a playful feel to the classroom.

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bird classroom decor ideas

Bird Classroom Theme Ideas

WHY CHOOSE A BIRD CLASSROOM THME THEME If you or your students are a lover of birds, then a bird classroom theme could be the perfect fit for you. Decorating your classroom this way will help bring the outdoors into your classroom and create a natural learning environment for your

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ideas for elementary teachers setting up a classroom with globe

Around the World Classroom Theme Ideas

WHY CHOOSE AN AROUND THE WORLD CLASSROOM THEME An Around the World Classroom theme lets you integrate geography and culture into your learning environment. First, it promotes a sense of adventure and is a reminder that there is so much out there to explore. Another favorite reason for choosing the

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an under the sea classroom theme for elementary teachers

Under the Sea Classroom Theme Ideas

WHY CHOOSE AN UNDER THE SEA CLASSROOM THEME If you are a teacher that loves the ocean, swimming, or sea life, an under the sea classroom theme is perfect for you. This theme makes students feel like they are learning underwater each day.  This classroom theme is great for science

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a bright colors tropical classroom theme with decor for elementary teachers

Tropical Classroom Theme Ideas

WHY CHOOSE A TROPICAL CLASSROOM THEME A tropical classroom theme uses bright colors and decorations to create a fun, summer feel in your classroom. Students will feel like they are on vacation everyday when they come to school in a tropical themed room. This theme is perfect for teachers that

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farmhouse classroom decor ideas

Farmhouse Classroom Theme Ideas

WHY CHOOSE A FARMHOUSE CLASSROOM THEME One of the more popular decor styles right now is farmhouse, making it a perfect classroom theme. Teachers love a farmhouse theme for their classroom because it makes the learning environment feel welcoming and comfortable.  Another reason to love a farmhouse classroom theme is

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eucalyptus as a classroom theme for elementary teachers

Eucalyptus Classroom Theme Ideas

WHY CHOOSE A EUCALYPTUS THEME Teachers that are looking to create a classroom that has a natural, calm and simple feel will love a eucalyptus classroom theme. This plant is known for promoting relaxation so it is the perfect theme for any teacher that wants to feel relaxed while at

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cupcakes classroom decor ideas

Cupcake Classroom Theme Ideas

WHY CHOOSE A CUPCAKE CLASSROOM THEME Teachers that love baked goods, sweets, and dessert will love having a cupcake classroom theme. One reason teachers love this cupcake theme is because it gives them the chance to share their love for baking with students.  This theme helps create a colorful, learning

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