100th Day of School Books: Celebrating with Reads Alouds in 2022

This book list includes three 100th day of school books for elementary teachers who work with students in first, second, and third grade. These texts are quality read alouds that serve as a great way to celebrate the 100th day of school. Your students will love listening to these stories! Check out the list of 100th day of school books for kids below!

This post highlights the following 100th day books:

  • The Night Before the 100th Day of School
  • 100th Day Worries
  • Jake’s 100th Day of School
Kids listening to a 100th day of school book

3 100th Day of School Books

Below are 3 quality 100th day of school books. Your elementary students will loves these 100th day read aloud books!

1. The Night Before the 100th Day of School by Natasha Wing

The first book on this 100th day books list is The Night before the 100th Day of School. Written in the style of the popular book The Night Before Christmas, this story is about a boy who is undecided on how he should celebrate the 100th day of school. He has an assignment to gather 100 of something to bring to class, and he is not sure what he should bring. Eventually, he decides to bring 100 ants. When he arrives, he finds that his classmates have brought items like 100 sugar cubes or 100 jelly beans. When it is his turn to present, he accidentally trips, dropping the ants and causing chaos in the classroom. Luckily, he is able to use crumbs to gather all 100 ants back into their box!

The Night Before the 100th Day of School book cover100th Day Worries book cover

2. 100th Day Worries by Margery Cuyler

The second book on this 100th day of school read alouds list is 100th Day Worries. Jessica is a worrier. When she and her classmates are all assigned to bring in a collection of 100 things for the 100th day of school, she does not have any ideas. After noticing all of the great projects her classmates have, Jessica worries that she will not be able to think of a good idea for her assignment. At dinner, she tells her family about her problem. With a little help and reassurance from her parents, Jessica is able to put together a collection that she is happy with!

3. Jake’s 100th Day of School by Lester Laminack

The third book on this 100th day of school picture books list is Jakes’s 100th Day of School. It is the 100th day of school and all of the students in Mr. Thompson’s class are bringing in a collection of 100 things. They are very excited because Jake’s Grandma Maggie will be bringing in a very special surprise. Jake is so excited about the 100th day, that he leaves his backpack with his collection of 100 pictures at home. Once on the school bus, Jake sees all of his classmates with their collections and realizes his mistake. Thankfully, the principal Mrs. Wadsworth is there to help. She takes Jake into her office and they work together to make a new collection of 100 things, books!

In class, the students start their 100 day celebration and share their collections. When Grandma Maggie arrives, the students see she has brought a special guest with her. Aunt Lula has come to help celebrate because she is 100 years old. The students make a special 100th day snack and continue to share their collections. When Jake shares his collection of 100 books with the class, his teacher Mr. Thompson gives Jake an idea. Jake decides to take a picture with Grandma Maggie, Aunt Lula, Mrs. Wadsworth and the books. He adds this picture to his collection of 100 pictures, and brings it in to school the next day. This is such a great read aloud! I liked this book so much I added it to my Starts With a Story collection!

Jake's 100th Day of School book coverJake's 100th Day of School

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