Snow Day Calculator: How to Predict if You’ll Have the Day Off

I always regret the snow days we get when June rolls around, but they sure do feel good when you are home in your jammies on a cold winter day. If you teach in the south, then you probably don’t know this feeling. But for those of you who live in the colder regions, you know all about what it is like to do the snow dance, stalk the weather channel, and anxiously await that infamous phone call that announces school is closed for the day. Just talking about it gives me the same feeling! On one of those cold snowy nights that I described, I came across this free snow day calculator. It was too fun not to share! You’ll have to try it!

Enter the following information into the snow day calculator: your zip code, the number of days your school has already been closed this year, and the type of school you teach at. After you fill this information in, you will get a percentage. This percentage lets you know the odds of a weather-related school closing. How fun is that?

If you need some activities for those nights that you haven’t planned for the next day yet and you want to have something on hand just in case you don’t have a snow day, then check out these snow-themed resources below! They are fun, low prep activities that your students will enjoy. Your students will already be talking about the snow, so let’s guide that interest into academic tasks.

In closing, we hope you found this snow day calculator fun and helpful! I hope you get the snow day that you are hoping for and have fun using this tool. Be sure to share this tool with your teacher friends in your group chat!

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