7 Reindeer Activities and Ideas for 2024

Are your kids in “The Christmas Spirit,” but perhaps you aren’t allowed to do actual Christmas activities? Below are some fun and engaging reindeer activities that your students will love! Learn all about these reindeer activities below!

reindeer activities for elementary students

1. Reindeer Activity Packet

This reindeer activity packet is filled with fun and engaging activities students love! These activities can be used as center activities, homework, fast finisher tasks, filler activities, or indoor recess activities. Learn more about this resource by clicking the image below!

reindeer activity packet

2. Reindeer Would You Rather Activities

Are you looking for a fun way to get your students talking during your morning meeting? Do you need a way to motivate your students to practice their writing skills and prevent the chorus of groans when you say it’s writing time? Or maybe you need a consistent writing center for your literacy block? If so, these reindeer would you rather activities are exactly what you need!

Reindeer-themed would you rather activities

3. Reindeer Parts of Speech Color By Code Activity

Are you looking for something fun, but also academic? Do you need quick print-and-go activities to have on hand? If so, this reindeer parts of speech color by code activity is a great resource to have prepped and ready on your desk in December. Learn more about this resource by clicking the image below!

Reindeer parts of speech color by code activities

4. Reindeer Book Companions

This reindeer book companion bundle is part of our Starts With a story collection. This bundle includes 5 book companions: Dasher: How a Brave Little Doe Changed Christmas Forever, Imogene’s Antlers, Olive, The Other Reindeer, and The Wild Christmas Reindeer. Here’s your chance to get Reindeer reading comprehension activities as well as writing prompts, vocabulary, grammar lessons and more at a discounted price. Learn more about this resource by clicking the image below!

Reindeer book bundle

5. Reindeer Reading Comprehension Activities

These reindeer reading comprehension activities for reading provide engaging, meaningful practice to greatly improve your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th grade students’ reading and writing skills. Each of the reading graphic organizers included in this set can be used over and over and with ANY reindeer book you choose. Whether you are doing a reindeer unit or simply a reading lesson using a non-fiction or fiction text about reindeer, this resource will be very helpful! Learn more about this resource by clicking the image below!

reindeer-themed reading comprehension activities

6. Reindeer and Moose Non-Fiction Unit

This reindeer and moose non-fiction unit is sure to be a big hit! It will help you meet your students needs, teach important non-fiction reading skills, and increase student engagement during your literacy time. Your students will not only learn important literacy skills, but will also learn about reindeer. This unit is packed with resources to teach a comprehensive unit or series of lessons on reindeer. It has leveled reading passages, discussion questions, writing prompts, vocabulary cards and activities, and much more. Learn more about this resource by clicking the image below!

Reindeer and moose non-fiction unit

7. Reindeer Research Project

This reindeer writing research unit is a great way to get your students excited about informational writing during the month of December. Whether you are looking for simple reindeer activities or are conducting a comprehensive research and writing reindeer unit where students are learning all about reindeer, this resource includes what you need to successfully achieve your goal in your classroom.

In addition to a comprehensive report-writing packet, this resource includes 13 additional reindeer activities. You can have students complete the reindeer activities by themselves or with the report. They will guide 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students through how to research an animal, take notes, activate schema, draft a report, work through the editing process, and publish a report. It also includes a criteria for success scoring rubric that makes the expectations clear to your learners and makes your job of assessing their progress so simple.

reindeer research project

In closing, we hope you found these reindeer activities helpful and interesting! If you did, then you might also like these other posts:

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