Reindeer Activities and Ideas for 2022

This reindeer writing research unit is a great way to get your students excited about informational writing during the month of December. Whether you are looking for simple reindeer activities or are conducting a comprehensive research and writing reindeer unit where students are learning all about reindeer, this resource includes what you need to successfully achieve your goal in your classroom.

In addition to a comprehensive report-writing packet, this resource includes 13 additional reindeer activities. You can have students complete the reindeer activities by themselves or with the report. They will guide 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students through how to research an animal, take notes, activate schema, draft a report, work through the editing process, and publish a report. It also includes a criteria for success scoring rubric that makes the expectations clear to your learners and makes your job of assessing their progress so simple. This reindeer resource has everything you need!

The Problems these Reindeer Research Activities Solve:

Are your kids in “The Christmas Spirit,” but perhaps you aren’t able to do actual Christmas activities? Are you looking for a comprehensive packet of materials to use when having your students conduct reindeer research? Do you want to offer your early finishers purposeful activities they can do independently that will make effective use of their time and not simply be “busy work?” Would you like to have your students complete a research project outside of the classroom as a home extension? This product meets all of those needs!

How these Reindeer Activities will Help Your Students:

These reindeer activities…

  • guide students through the research process and make it very accessible to them.
  • facilitate a fun learning experience for students in the month of December.
  • offer students the opportunity to write about a topic they are interested in.
  • help all your students feel successful through differentiated resources.
  • provide students time to practice their writing and research skills in a fun and engaging way.

How these Reindeer Activities will Help You as a Teacher

  • These activities will teach elementary-age students how to research an animal, practice note-taking skills, activate schema, draft a report, work through the editing process and publish a report.
  • It includes a scoring rubric that makes the expectations clear to your learners and makes your job of assessing their progress incredibly simple.
  • In addition to a comprehensive report-writing packet, there are 13 additional activities that can be completed along with the report or used completely on their own without having the students write a report.

Why You Will Love these Reindeer Activities:

  • This resource provides you with a no-prep collection of engaging activities, resources, and printables.
  • It is not holiday specific. All students can connect with and enjoy this activity.
  • Your students will be excited about learning during a time of year where it can be hard to engage them in their learning.

How to Use these Activities in Your Classroom:

This product is packed with activities that guide students through the research process. It offers so many resources, which empowers you as the teacher to choose whether you want to use all of them as a comprehensive unit or pick and choose which ones align with your goals for your students.

Why Teachers Like You Love these Activities:

Check out these testimonials from teachers who’ve used it in their classrooms…

The BEST resource I’ve come by to help my kiddies with their writing. Such a nice format, easy to use and follow…I couldn’t be happier! Thank you!!

– Cassie

This was probably one of the best purchases I made on TPT. The questions on the task cards really guided my students in their research.

– Lori

What a perfect plan for a research project! And on animals no less! My students will love this project that incorporates, reading, science, and writing altogether! Perfect for the CCSS, thanks again!

– Mary

This has been an amazing resource for completing an extensive reindeer research project in my 2nd grade classroom! It is also very easy to differentiate for the wide variety of learners within my class!

– Kelsey B.

This is my second writing unit from you and I love how you break the research and writing components into chunks that make writing easier for students to work with!

– Seeds of Knowledge

What is Included in this Reindeer Resource?

  • teacher guide that walks you through the 7 steps of the research report process and suggests helpful teaching tips along the way
  • completed samples of project options so you can see what the final products look like
  • parent communication letter that builds and strengthens the home and school connection and shares about what the students are working on
  • brainstorming and schema graphic organizers to support students in generating ideas and activating prior knowledge
  • curating resources graphic organizer templates to guide students in using multiple types of sources when searching for information
  • research-based note taking templates to help students organize their findings
  • drafting writing templates for students to develop and edit their writing
  • research project cover to help create a polished, finished product
  • final draft writing templates for students to publish their work and have it be displayed on a classroom bulletin board
  • grading rubric so expectations are clear for students and grading is quick and easy for you
  • optional reindeer research activities, which include a KWL chart, can have are chart, compare and contrast Venn diagram activity, habitat map, vocabulary activities, animal habitat illustrations, life cycle charts, flip books, flap books, animal research poster, and poetry activities
  • bulletin board signs to complement student work on display

Learn more about these reindeer activities and download them today so you can begin planning a reindeer unit in your elementary classroom for the month of December that your students will love!

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