First Day Picture Ideas for Elementary Teachers – 2024

The first day of school is very special for students and their families. One way to commemorate the special day is to take lots and lots of pictures. Below are some first day picture ideas for elementary teachers. Check them out below to get inspiration for your classroom!

first day of school picture ideas for teachers

5 First Day of School Picture Tips and Ideas

Below are 5 tips and ideas for taking pictures on the first day of school.

1. Find a Simple Background

Strategically pick a spot to take pictures at. Make sure there is a nice background behind them that is not too distracting. Some ideas of good places to take pictures are in front of a tree outside, in front of a welcome bulletin board, in front of a blank bulletin board that has just a bulletin board background and trim, in front of your classroom door, and in your cozy reading nook.

2. Use Props

Props are such a fun way to liven up a picture and provide context. Consider having your students hold a welcome sign or a back to school DIY photo frame!

Welcome Sign

Have your students hold a welcome sign that has the student’s current grade on it. You’ll be able to use this picture for so many different things (e.g. tree ornament). This will become such a sweet keepsake for families! There is a welcome sign included in all of my classroom decor bundles.

DIY Photo Frame

What is the DIY Photo Frame?

The DIY Photo Frame resource is a fun back to school project. It includes directions and printables to help you create a DIY photo frame and a set of back to school writing activities. Pair them together to create a fun back to school bulletin board.

Why Teachers Love the DIY Photo Frame

Some of the reason teachers love this resource include:

  • This DIY frame takes your first day of school pictures to the next level!
  • This resource includes several printable writing activities to choose from.
  • The pictures and writing pieces make a great back to school bulletin board.
  • It’s a fun way to commemorate the first day of school.
  • Parents love the final products and will hold onto this keepsake for years to come!
How to Implement this Resource

Below are steps for how to implement this DIY Photo Frame resource in your classroom.

  1. Purchase a white poster board.
  2. Draw a rectangle in the middle.
  3. Cut out the center rectangle to create the frame.
  4. Select and print which title you would like to use from the resource.
  5. Select and print the additional printables from the resource that you would like to add to your frame.
  6. Attach the pieces to the frame.
  7. Take pictures of students holding the frame and print them.
  8. Select and print which writing activities from the resource you would like to have students complete.
  9. Have students complete the writing activities.
  10. Post the pictures of students and their writing activities on a back to school bulletin board.

3. Take a Variety of Pictures

Take lots and lots of different photos to capture the first day of school. Take pictures of students posing by themselves. Capture groups of students working on team building exercises. Take a class photo as well. You can’t take too many pictures!

4. Post the Pictures on Your Bulletin Board

Post individual pictures of your students accompanied by their writing samples about their first day of school.

5. Send Home Pictures with Your Students

At the end of the first week of school, send copies of pictures home with your students. Take it to the next level by accompanying it with a hand-written note at the end of the first week. This simple gesture means so much to each family! It also helps to start building the important positive connection between home and school.

In closing, we hope you found these first day picture tips and ideas helpful! If you did, then you may also be interested in these posts:

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