All About Me Printable Worksheets for Back to School – 2022

Calling all elementary teachers looking for some all about me printable worksheets for back to school! These back to school booklets help make your planning for the first week easier and provide your students and their families with a memorable keepsake. I originally designed a version of this booklet to use with my third grade students. I wanted to have an activity that they could work on independently throughout the first few days of school. It proved to be a valuable resource. I have since made differentiated versions for other grade levels as well, including kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. Learn all about these all about me printable worksheets and how to implement them below!

What is Included in the All About Me Printable Worksheets?

These all about me printable worksheets include the following:

  • Booklet cover
  • My First Day of (grade) Grade
  • Self Portrait
  • All About Me Poster
  • Things I Like to Do
  • Things I Want to Learn in 1st Grade
  • Handwriting Sample
  • My Favorite Things
  • My Handprint
  • Summer Snapshots

Why Teachers Love the All About Me Printable Worksheets

Some of the reasons teachers love the all about me printable worksheets include:

1. Makes Planning for the First Week Easier

The printable worksheets make planning for the first week of school easier. This packet is packed with activities that you can pick and choose from, or you can use them all.

2. Serves as a Great Filler or Fast Finisher Task

Having taught for many years, I know that there are always some odd minutes to fill before routines are established and often times your attention is needed to handle an immediate, unexpected matter (i.e. new student at the door who hadn’t registered prior to that day, crying child who is struggling with the transition). During those times, it is important to have an activity on hand that the students can work on by themselves.

3. Helps Students Get to Know Each Other

The booklet is also a wonderful tool for getting to know each other. In my classroom, I complete a booklet of my own to use as an example. Sharing my sample with the class not only gives them a visual resource for completing their own pages, but also allows them to get to know more about me. I have them share components of their book with their table mates and the class as a whole.

4. Creates a Learning Experience that All Students Can Do

This booklet is ideal because many components involve illustrating or coloring which are activities that are accessible to almost every school- aged child regardless of his/her academic level. 

5. Provides Families with a Memorable Keepsake

They provide students and their families with a memorable keepsake that they will look back at for years to come and think of you fondly.

How to Implement the All About Me Worksheets in Your Classroom

My recommendation is to print the packet in its entirety and copy and staple a class set of booklets. By giving the students an entire booklet they can work at their own pace and learn independence right from day one. Alternatively, you could print select pages and use them individually. Decide what works best for you and your students!

In closing, we hope you find these all about me printable worksheets helpful! If so, you may also be interested in these posts:

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