Animal Research Project for Kids at the Elementary Level in 2022

Whether you are doing a simple animal study or a fully integrated science, reading, and writing unit, this animal research project for kids includes everything you need. From the graphic organizer worksheets and guided note templates to the writing stationary, printable activities, projects, and rubrics. Thousands of teachers have used

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Teaching Text Annotation to Elementary Students in 2022

There are tons of strategies for analyzing texts. This post will focus on teaching students to annotate important parts of the text, which is called text annotation. Teaching text annotation is a great way to support your 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students because it’s an effective reading comprehension strategy

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Geometry Activities for 3rd Grade Teachers in 2022

Prior to teaching fractions, I find it very helpful to teach the geometry standards. I had an absolute blast teaching 2D Geometry to my third graders recently. It’s a concept that lends itself to lots of hands-on learning and project-based learning experiences. I was really impressed with how quickly my

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5 Organizing Lesson Plans Ideas for Elementary Teachers in 2022

When you draft your lesson plans, you have the following resources on hand: computer with internet, teacher manuals, thematic resources you’ve accumulated, pacing guide / curriculum maps, Common Core Materials and Standards, and plans from previous years. Wow, that’s a lot! Check out the tools for organizing lesson plans below to

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Testing Tips for Teachers at the Elementary Level in 2022

Testing has very much become a part of school culture. Some assessments are teacher-initiated and quite meaningful for planning purposeful, data-driven instruction and assess exactly what you have been teaching in class. Other tests are standardized, mandated, developmentally inappropriate and you must give them to your students even though you

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Winter Opinion Writing FREEBIE!

Grab this freebie and engage your students in a fun seasonal activity. It’s a great way to practice opinion writing.