Starts With a Story

TRY OUR BOOK COMPANION ACTIVITIES FOR FREE! We are beyond thrilled about the launch of our literacy resource line, Starts with a Story! We know you will love it! Try a complete book companion packet for FREE HERE! GET THE FREE READING RESOURCE BUNDLE: You will receive: a list of

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mom helping daughter solve a math problem

Increasing Parent Participation in Elementary Math (Grades 1-5)

Are your students’ families unsure of how they can support their child with their math development? Do they recognize the importance of their involvement? Parent participation is incredibly important in all aspects of a child’s education, but oftentimes parents are unsure of their role in their child’s education. The role

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Math accommodations are an incredibly important component of best practice elementary math instruction. Making curriculum accessible to students is necessary in order for each child to reach his or her highest potential. How can we do that considering the diversity in twenty-first century classrooms? The answers are Universal Design for

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Elementary Math Centers: Organization, Management & More

Math centers, also commonly referred to as math stations or math rotations, are a great way to offer fun and engaging learning experiences to elementary students during your math block. They fit neatly in the math workshop with guided math framework, but can be used without the implementation of that

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Vertical Alignment Curriculum in Math Education (Grades 1-5)

What is vertical alignment curriculum? Why is it important? What is vertical team planning? There are lots of questions surrounding vertical alignment education in schools. It is great that these conversations are happening currently! Vertical alignment has the power to transform an education system. This is true in all content

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Integrating morning meetings or class meetings into your daily schedule is one of the best investments of time you can make as an elementary teacher for your students. Some teachers hold a morning meeting by following the responsive classroom format, while others create their own custom class meeting routines that

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Ways to Start a Lesson Ideas for Elementary Teachers

Do your students have trouble transitioning?  Do nows, which are often called bell ringers, are the answer!  They get students thinking and ready for the upcoming lesson.  Read below to learn more about do nows, their benefits to both teachers and students, specific examples, and helpful tips. This blog post

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