Mice Books (and Other Rodents) for Elementary Teachers – 2024

Are you looking for mice books? This post shares popular mice and other rodents books for kids that elementary teachers often use as read alouds. All of the picture books on this list lend themselves to these topics really well. Take a peek below to learn more about these mice books for kids!

5 Mice and Other Rodents Books for Kids

Below is a list of some of our favorite mice and rodents books for kids at the elementary level. Check them out below!

1. Memoirs of a Hamster by Devin Scillian

Memoirs of a Hamster by Devin Scillian is about Seymour the hamster who is very happy with life in his cage. He has everything he needs: his wheel for exercise, a water bottle for hydration, and food. Seymour never thought of leaving his cage until Pearl the cat told him about life outside the cage. She talked about the sunroom and how the stairs were made of sunflower seeds.

Seymour was curious and came up with a plan to leave his cage. However, once he escaped he realized Pearl was lying and instead wanted to catch Seymour! He escaped under the couch and had to wait for her to fall asleep before attempting to run back to his cage. As Seymour ran, the vacuum caused a commotion and Pearl was chasing him again. Thankfully, the little girl who takes care of Seymour came to his rescue. Seymour never wants to leave his cage again.

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Memoirs of a Hamster book cover
Memoirs of a Hamster book and activity

2. The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright

The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright takes place in the jungle on an old flat rock. Mouse is little and meek and lives in a tiny house at the bottom of the rock. Hardly anyone notices him and he was often forgotten about. Lion lives at the top of the rock. He is very loud and makes sure everyone knows how important he is.

One day Mouse decides that he is tired of being ignored and forgotten and decides that if he had a roar people would notice him and make friends. He realizes that Lion is the only one that can teach him how to roar, and that makes him very nervous. He decides to have confidence and go talk to Lion anyways so that he can make the first steps towards changing his life.

When Mouse gets to the top of the mountain to talk to Lion, Lions shrieks and lunges away from Mouse. Lion is terrified of him! Mouse told him that they could be friends and they learned from each other that you don’t have to be loud to be noticed, you just need to find your true voice. Everyone has a little bit of lion and a little bit of mouse inside of them.

Check out these The Lion Inside lessons and activities to help you plan and deliver highly engaging interactive read aloud lessons!

The Lion Inside book cover
The Lion Inside book and activity

3. Owen by Kevin Henkes

Owen by Kevin Henkes is about a mouse named Owen who loves his blanket Fuzzy. He takes Fuzzy with him everywhere he goes and does everything with Fuzzy. Mrs. Tweezers next door points out that Owen is a little too old for Fuzzy. Owen’s parents try to take Fuzzy away from Owen by using different tricks. However, each time they try to take Fuzzy, Owen is able to save him.

Eventually Owen’s parents tell him that he can’t take Fuzzy to school. Owen cries and cries and his mother thinks of the perfect solution. She turns Fuzzy into handkerchiefs so he still has a part of Fuzzy with him.

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Owen book cover
Owen book and activity

4. A Weekend With Wendell by Kevin Henkes

A Weekend With Wendell by Kevin Henkes is about Wendell who comes to stay with Sophie and her family. When Wendell gets to Sophie’s house, he immediately tells her that she doesn’t have enough toys. Then when they play make believe games together, he always has the best parts and decides what they do.

While Wendell is staying with Sophie, he also takes her whipped cream, wakes Sophie up, and tries to make a long distance call. Sophie keeps asking her parents when he will go home as both her and her parents are annoyed with him.

Finally, Sophie asks Wendell if he wants to play firefighters and sprays him with the hose. They enjoy playing firefighters together and realize they have the most fun holding the hose together where neither one of them is in charge. When Wendell goes home, he finds a note in his suitcase from Sophie saying she hopes to see him soon.

Check out these A Weekend With Wendell lessons and activities to help you plan and deliver highly engaging interactive read aloud lessons!

A Weekend with Wendell book cover
A Weekend with Wendell book and activity

5. The Great Fuzz Frenzy by Janet Stevens

The Great Fuzz Frenzy by Janet Stevens is about how one day a tennis ball bounces down into the prairie dog burrow. The prairie dogs are fascinated by this great fuzzy thing. They aren’t sure if it is good, bad, or scary.

Before Big Bark, the meanest dog around gets a good look, Pip Squeak who runs up and pokes the ball. She puts some of the fuzz on her head and everyone is amazed. Suddenly, everyone is racing up to get their own piece of fuzz. Prairie dogs from all over come to take a bit of the fuzz and soon, the ball is plucked clean. That’s when the fighting erupts and everyone is trying to get some of the fuzz. The battle is so great, everyone tires out and falls asleep.

When the prairie dogs awaken, they find that all of the fuzz is missing. That’s when they realize Big Bark, who is standing above the burrow, has stolen the fuzz and is covered head to toe. Before anyone can react, Big Bark is swept up by an eagle. The prairie dogs rush out of the burrow to rescue Big Bark. Before they can celebrate though, the eagle is back. Big Bark scares off the eagle while everyone runs into the burrow for safety. From that day forward, the prairie dogs live in peace together.

Check out these The Great Fuzz Frenzy lessons and activities to help you plan and deliver highly engaging interactive read aloud lessons!

The Great Fuzz Frenzy book cover
The Great Fuzz Frenzy book and activity

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