Easter Reading Comprehension Activities for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade

If you’re looking for printable Easter reading comprehension activities for your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade students, you’ve found the right place! These resources are popular for celebrating and teaching about Easter in the classroom. Learn more about this Easter reading comprehension resource below!

Five all about rabbits reading comprehension activities

What is this Easter Reading Comprehension Resource?

This Easter Reading Comprehension Unit is all about rabbits. It includes tons of printable resources like leveled reading comprehension passages, discussion questions, writing prompts, vocabulary cards and activities, assessments, worksheets, and much more. You’ll have what you need to teach a comprehensive unit or series of lessons on this non-fiction topic.

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What Does This Easter Resource Include?

This Easter reading comprehension resource includes the following:

Teaching Guide

The teaching guide walks you through the different resources and suggests how to implement them in your classroom. You’ll have what you need to confidently implement the Easter reading comprehension worksheets and activities.

Five all about rabbits literacy worksheets accompanied by a activity close-up

Vocabulary Cards

The vocabulary cards each have the vocabulary term, an image that represents the word, and a kid-friendly definition.

Vocabulary Activities

The vocabulary activities help students develop an understanding of each of the vocabulary terms and be able to confidently use them in conversation.

3 Leveled Reading Passages

The three Easter leveled reading comprehension passages help you differentiate and meet the needs of all your students, and help them feel confident in their reading abilities. Each Easter reading passage was carefully crafted to look similar and have the same key vocabulary, but be scaled to meet the needs of a typical class with varied reading abilities.

Two Easter literacy activities

Discussion Prompts

The discussion prompts promote reading comprehension and thoughtful class or small group discussions.

Discussion Prompt Cards

Laminate, cut out, hole-punch, and put the discussion cards on a ring so you can reuse them year after year.

Reading Comprehension Activity

This Easter reading comprehension worksheet is based on the text structure of the reading passages, which gives students valuable practice opportunities.

Easter reading comprehension worksheets

Writing Prompt and Thematic Writing Paper

The writing prompt and thematic writing paper support students in practicing their writing skills in this integrated unit.

2 Comprehension Check-Ins

There are two comprehension check-ins with answer keys. This allows you to grade them quickly and differentiate as needed.

Easter reading comprehension activities

Why Teachers Love Our Non-Fiction Reading Units

Listed below are some of the reasons elementary teachers love our non-fiction reading units.

  1. Our non-fiction units include an abundance of resources to choose from. This allows you to select which activities are best for your students.
  2. All of the activities are either low-prep (some quick cutting) or no prep (just print and go) which saves you tons of time while still offering engaging learning opportunities to your students.
  3. We’ve intentionally designed many of the resources to be open-ended and to include differentiated versions to make it easy for you to meet the needs of all your students. This also means that if you change grade levels in the future, you will likely still be able to use them with minimal modification.
  4. All of our non-fiction units follow the same format and include the same types of activities customized to each topic. This creates a cohesive, year-long routine where students know the expectations and are able to focus on the topic.
  5. All of our non-fiction units integrate reading, writing, and speaking standards with a timely and engaging topic, so students are fully engaged while practicing important skills.
Three all about rabbits reading comprehension activities

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Other Easter Resources

Below are some other Easter teaching resources that you may be interested in.

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In closing, we hope you found this post about these Easter reading comprehension passages, activities and worksheets helpful! If you did, then you may also be interested in these posts:

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