10 Easter Books for Kids in 2022

This collection of Easter books for kids will be a big hit in your elementary classroom! Your students will enjoy listening to these read alouds and participating in classroom discussions based on the stories. Learn more about some of my favorite Easter books for kids below!

This post highlights the following spring books that are great for celebrating Easter:

  • The Easter Bunny’s Assistant
  • The Easter Egg
  • Turkey’s Eggcellent Easter
  • Those Pesky Rabbits
  • The Story of the Easter Bunny
  • The Biggest Easter Basket Ever
  • The Great Eggscape
  • Rechenka’s Eggs
  • Chicken Sunday
  • The Runaway Bunny
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10 Easter Books for Kids

Read below to learn about some of my favorite Easter books for kids to share with elementary students! Your kids will love these Easter books!

1. The Easter Bunny’s Assistant by Jan Thomas

The first Easter book for kids on this list is The Easter Bunny’s Assistant. This children’s book is all about the Easter Bunny and his assistant, Skunk. The two characters are here to teach readers how to decorate Easter eggs. Throughout the book, the Easter Bunny narrates the different steps for decorating an egg. Skunk is just so excited that he can’t help but cause a stink in the room. The Easter Bunny asks him to control himself, but Skunk can’t do it and the Easter Bunny removes him from the room.

Easter Bunny continues with his instructions while Skunk knocks on the window from outside. Eventually, Easter Bunny asks readers if they think he should let Skunk back in and help him hide the eggs. When the two return together, readers can see that the Easter Bunny has decided to wear a clothespin on his nose. Students will laugh out loud while reading this short but very entertaining story.  

2. The Easter Egg by Jan Brett

The second Easter book for kids on this list is The Easter Egg. In this book, it is almost Easter and this is the first year that Hoppi will be decorating an Easter egg. Each year, the rabbits decorate eggs and the Easter Rabbit selects the best one. Whichever rabbit decorates the best egg gets to help the Easter Rabbit hide the eggs on Easter morning. 

Hoppi is trying to decide how he will decorate his egg. He visits many other rabbits and observes what they are doing with their eggs. Rabbits carve eggs out of wood, make chocolate eggs, paint their eggs, and plant flowers in them. Hoppi cannot think of a special way to decorate his egg and goes into the forest to rest. While in the forest, Hoppi witnesses a robin egg fall out of the nest. Mother Robin is distressed so Hoppi steps in and sits on the egg to keep it warm and safe. 

On Easter morning the Easter Rabbit arrives and admires all of the eggs, but says that a special one is missing. He returns with Hoppi, who has won the contest for keeping the robin’s egg safe. He gets to ride in the wagon with Easter Rabbit to hide the eggs. 

3. Turkey’s Eggcellent Easter by Wendi Silvano

The third Easter book for kids on this list is Turkey’s Eggcellent Easter. In this story, there is going to be an Easter Egg Hunt in the park and Turkey and his friends want to go. They found out there would be a prize for whoever finds the special egg. Unfortunately, only children are allowed at the egg hunt. The animals decide they must come up with a disguise in order to take part in the egg hunt. Turkey’s friends help to disguise him as a rabbit, but a little girl discovers him at the egg hunt. Turkey tries other disguises, like a daffodil and a bumblebee, but those don’t work out either.

Finally, Turkey and his friend decide to disguise him as an egg. When Max finds Turkey disguised as an egg, he brings him to the prize table. Farmer Jake knows what Turkey is doing, and lets both Max and Turkey choose a prize. Turkey is happy to win a pizza covered with jelly beans that he can share with his friends.

4. Those Pesky Rabbits by Ciara Flood

The story Those Pesky Rabbits is about a bear that lives in the middle of nowhere and enjoys being alone. One day, a family of rabbits moves in and they build their house right next to Bear’s. This makes Bear very angry. Soon after they move in, the rabbits start visiting Bear at his house. 

First, they ask for honey to bake a cake, then they ask for Bear to help them chop wood, and then they asked if he’d like to swap books. Each time Bear gets angry at the rabbits and does not help them. Finally, the rabbits ask if Bear wants to look at the stars with them. Furious, Bear tells the rabbits he just wants to be left alone. One day, Bear hears a soft knock at the door and finds a note and basket from the rabbits. After receiving the basket, Bear realizes he has been feeling lonely and decides to visit the rabbits. In the end, Bear realizes that he enjoys spending time with his new neighbors. 

5. The Story of the Easter Bunny by Katherine Tegen

The fifth Easter book for kids on this list is The Story of the Easter Bunny. On one cold day, in this story, a round old couple was making Easter eggs while their rabbit watched. Then, they made baskets out of straw.

On one day in early spring, the round old couple made chocolate eggs, and, on Easter, they delivered a straw basket to every child in the village.

The next year, everything was prepared, however the old couple was still fast asleep, so their pet rabbit hopped on the table and put the eggs in the baskets, then delivered them to every child in the village.

From that year on, that rabbit became known as the Easter bunny! Eventually, the old couple was too old to help the rabbit with the eggs and baskets so he moved on to live in a hollow in the woods with his rabbit friends to help him, and so he is now able to deliver these baskets all around the world!

6. The Biggest Easter Basket Ever by Steven Kroll

In The Biggest Easter Basket Ever, the week before Easter, the mayor of Mouseville made an announcement that there would be a gala Easter celebration, and that whoever brought the biggest Easter basket would win a prize.

That day, Penelope, James, Clayton and Desmond each began thinking about how they would make the biggest Easter basket ever. Clayton remembered an old Easter basket that his parents had made when he was just a baby. Desmond and his brother Morris made a basket out of twigs. When they finished, they had to think about what they would put inside, so they each asked their whole family for help.

The next morning, Clayton realized that Penelope and James had both made baskets the same size as his, and Desmond soon realized this as well! Eventually, Clayton and Desmond decided that they should work together, and, with both of their families’ help, they make the biggest Easter basket ever!

7. The Great Eggscape by Jory John

The seventh Easter book for kids on this list is The Great Eggscape. It is about a group of friends who go on an adventure. Sometimes, on the weekend before anyone arrives at the grocery store, the Good Egg and his friends escape their cartons and explore the store; that is, everyone except for Shel. Shel prefers enjoying the peace and quiet of a good book while everyone else is out having fun. Hours later, Shel becomes worried because his friends should have been back by now. He decides to go out looking for them. He successfully rounds up everyone except Meg, and, when the other eggs don’t seem worried and start to head back to the carton, Shel convinces them that they should try and find her. In the process, Shel realizes all the fun he had been missing out on and changes his mind about staying in the carton by himself!

8. Rechenka’s Eggs by Patricia Polacco

In Rechenka’s Eggs, Babushka was an old lady who lived alone in Russia. She was known far and wide for her beautiful painted eggs, which always won first prize at the Easter Festival in Moskva. One day, a goose fell from the sky after being injured by a hunter. Babushka named the goose Rechenka and decided to nurse it back to health. To repay her kindness, Rechenka began laying eggs for breakfast every morning. When Rechenka accidentally shattered the eggs that Babushka had carefully painted for the Easter Festival, a miracle happened: Rechenka began laying beautifully colored eggs every morning! With Rechenka’s help, Babushka was still able to win first prize at the festival, but sadly it was time for the goose to return back to the wild. However, when Babushka returned, she found that Rechenka had left her a surprise!

9. Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco

The second to last Easter book for kids on this list is Chicken Sunday. This is an autobiographical story about the author’s childhood. When Patricia was a young girl, she was close with her next-door neighbors, two boys named Stewart and Winston, and their gramma, Eula Mae Walker, who she thought of as her own grandmother since her babushka had passed away.

Every time they walked home from church on Sundays, Miss Eula would always stop at a hat shop and look in the window at the hats. One Sunday, while they were all at the table together eating fried chicken, Miss Eula mentioned an Easter bonnet in the hat shop with a sigh, and Patricia and the two boys knew that they wanted to buy her that hat. However, they soon realized that they did not have enough money. They visited Mr. Kodinski’s hat shop and, although they were afraid of him at first, they connected over a basket of painted eggs and soon Miss Eula is overjoyed to receive the hat she had been admiring!

10. The Runaway Bunny by Maraget Wise Brown

The last Easter book for kids on the list is The Runaway Bunny. In this book, a young bunny tells his mother that he is going to run away. He tells her that he would like to become a fish, a rock on a mountain, a crocus in a hidden garden, a bird, a sailboat, an acrobat, and a little boy. Every time, the mother tells the little bunny that she will find a way to follow him by becoming a fisherman, a mountain climber, a gardner, a tree, a cloud, a trapeze artist, and a human mother. Eventually, the little bunny realizes that he is happiest as himself, with his mother by his side.

Reading Activities

You and your students will love this collection of Easter books for kids! Each of these Easter read alouds are fun and engaging and can springboard robust classroom discussions. Many of them are part of my Starts With a Story collection. If you are looking for activities to go with these Easter books for children, check out the resources below:

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