St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Elementary Students in 2022

Top of the morning to ya! If you are looking for St. Patrick’s Day activities for elementary students, then you’ve found the right place! Read below for some ideas and resources to get you inspired for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in your classroom.

5 St. Patrick’s Day Activities and Ideas

Below are some St. Patrick’s Day activities for elementary students that you can use in your classroom.

1. Implement St. Patrick’s Day Interactive Read Alouds

My favorite way to celebrate holidays and special events in my classroom is to share related read alouds. Students are highly engaged because of the interesting topic and are practicing important reading skills. That’s a double win!

Check out this list of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day children’s books! Some of my favorites on this list include Clever Tom and the Leprechaun, Fiona’s Luck, and How to Catch a Leprechaun.

2. Use St. Patrick’s Day Reading Activities

These St. Patrick’s Day reading activities can be used with any book related to St. Patrick’s Day. This includes any book on this list of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day books for kids.

They are a collection of graphic organizer templates. A graphic organizer is a visual display that organizes ideas and shows the relationships between concepts or information. Graphic organizers guide children’s thinking and help them to comprehend what they read. Graphic organizers are also an important tool for guiding student writing. 

These St. Patrick’s Day elementary reading activities cover the following concepts and skills:

  • predicting
  • sequencing
  • story mapping
  • summarizing
  • character traits
  • schema
  • brainstorming and webbing
  • identifying facts
  • main idea and supporting details
  • non-fiction text features
  • gathering information
  • comparing and contrasting
  • cause and effect
  • fact and opinion
  • note taking
  • vocabulary and author word choices
  • visualizing
  • making connection
  • sorting information
  • report writing
  • retelling
St. Patrick's Day reading activitiesMarch reading graphic organizer activities

3. Create a St. Patrick’s Day Bulletin Board

At my school, there is a bulletin board outside of every classroom. I think many other schools have a similar set up. I used mine to put up seasonal displays. Check out these St. Patrick’s Day bulletin board ideas to help you get started with creating yours.

St. Patrick's Day bulletin board display with student writing and crafts

4. Do St. Patrick’s Day Craft Projects

These would make great classroom projects and many would work well on a bulletin board to showcase St. Patrick’s Day themed student writing work. These will be your elementary students’ favorite St. Patrick’s Day activities!

5. Do a Classroom Transformation

Use these green classroom decor and rainbow classroom decor sets to create a fun and festive learning environment for your students. This is a great way to get students excited about coming to school. Learn more about these resources below!

green classroom decora bright colors rainbow classroom theme for elementary teachers

In closing, we hope you found these St. Patrick’s Day activities and ideas helpful! If you did, then you might also be interested in this list of St. Patrick’s Day children’s books. Be sure to check it out!

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