Science of Reading Bulletin Board Ideas for Elementary Teachers – 2024

Do you ever look at your walls and wonder what to put up? Does the Science of Reading make you think twice about what you are posting? Well, look no further, we are here to share how to put up bulletin boards that follow the Science of Reading! Check out the 5 Science of Reading bulletin board ideas below!

science of reading bulletin boards

5 Science of Reading Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin boards are a great way to show your core values in learning. These bulletin board ideas can be posted in hallways, classrooms, and communal spaces alike. The following ideas can help students build confidence, stamina, and independence as readers and writers. 

1. Keep it Calm

The first Science of Reading bulletin board idea on the list is to keep it calm. Too many bulletin boards can overwhelm students- and teachers! Pair down to the essentials when planning your classroom bulletin boards. A great way to do this is to decide which bulletin boards will change throughout the year, and which will stay. It is a great idea to keep the anchor charts with letters up all year so students can learn to use them independently!

2. Letter-Sound Cards

Whether you have a Sound Wall, Fundations cards, or another resource- hang it up! Students need to have access to those letters and visuals. Be sure the letters are big enough for students to see and access from all different spaces in the classroom. Not able to do this? You can create smaller versions of bulletin boards that students can access when they are not able to see the classroom-sized poster. 

3. Make it Interactive

The third Science of Reading bulletin board idea is to make your boards interactive. Bulletin boards are a great way to mix functionality and design. You can have pockets that hold your materials, places for students to add post-it notes, or even have QR codes for older students to work through. This is a wonderful resource when families come in to see student work and resources. 

4. Build Resilience

Provide students with challenges that do not have time restraints, like technology boards do. Post games like BOGGLE that early finishers can work on. Encourage them to not give up and to find other solutions to these games!

5. Post Strategies

The final Science of Reading bulletin board idea is to post strategies. Post decoding strategies that students can reference when coming to an unknown word, like start with the first letter and blend sounds together. As students learn more strategies, add them to the board!

In closing, we hope you found these Science of Reading bulletin board ideas helpful! If you did, then you may also be interested in these other posts:

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