Mardi Gras Activities for Kids at the Elementary Level in 2024

These activities are very popular for Mardi Gras in March. They provide fun and engaging learning experiences to help you celebrate Mardi Gras with your class. Check out all of the Mardi Gras activities for kids below!

Mardi Gras activities for elementary students

Mardi Gras Activities Packet for Kids

This Mardi Gras Activity Packet is filled with fun and engaging activities students love like a directed drawing writing activity, word search, and crossword puzzle! These activities can be used as center activities, homework, fast finisher tasks, filler activities, or indoor recess activities. Learn more about this print-and-go resource in our Clutter-Free Classroom Teacher Store!

What Is It?

This Mardi Gras activity packet is a set of activities that assist you in celebrating Mardi Gras in your classroom. Teachers looking for something fun, but also academic to celebrate this festive time love this resource. They keep these activities prepped and ready on their desk and pull them out as needed. Learn more about what’s included and why teachers love it below!

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What Is Included?

The Mardi Gras activity packet includes the following:

  • teacher guide that explains the benefits of implementing these activities
  • ABC order activity where students sort the list of school-related words into alphabetical order and then write a sentence using as many of the words as they can
  • scrambled words activity where students unscramble the letters and write each word correctly, and then write a sentence that includes at least 2 of the words
  • making words activity where students use the letters at the bottom of the page to create words and then write the words
  • doodle story activity where students turn a doodle into a detailed drawing about the first day of school and then write a paragraph about what’s happening in the picture
  • word search activity where students find and circle a list of words related to school
  • secret codes activity where students use an alphabet code chart to crack a secret code
  • word sort activity where students sort words by parts of speech and syllables
  • directed drawing activity where students follow the steps to draw a character in the box and then add a detailed background scene
  • writing stationary that students can use to create a writing piece about back to school
  • can have are chart where students write about teachers
  • answer keys to make grading quick and easy
Mardi Gras activities Mardi Gras activities

Why Teachers Love It

Below are the reasons why teachers love this Mardi Gras resource.

  1. The activities require no prep – just print and go!
  2. Students love these types of activities and will be highly engaged when working on them.
  3. They are great filler and fast finisher activities. You’ll be covered in a pinch!
  4. There are tons of activities included in this packet. You can pick and choose which ones work best for you and your students!
  5. Many of the activities are open-ended, which makes it so they can be used across grade levels. This means you can continue to use them even if you switch grade levels in the future.
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