Iditarod Lesson Plans and Activities for Elementary Students in 2024

These lessons and activities are very popular for The Iditarod. They provide fun and engaging learning experiences to help you celebrate The Iditarod with your class. Check out all of the The Iditarod lesson plans and activities below!

Iditarod activities for elementary students

The Iditarod Lesson Plans and Activities

Below are our favorite lesson plans and activities for teaching students about The Iditarod.

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Read Aloud the Book, Akiak

Akiak by Robert J. Blake is a story about a dogsled team running in the Iditarod. Akiak is the oldest dog on Mack’s team. They have never won the race before, and now that Akiak is 10 years old, it is her last chance to win the race. She is the lead of her dog team because she knows the trails very well. When Mack’s team makes it to first place in the race, they must start running through deep snow. Akiak gets a lot of snow jammed in her paw and gets hurt. She can no longer run the race and her team must go on without her.

As a handler is trying to get Akiak into a helicopter, she breaks free and starts to run after her team. She runs for several days through the cold snow and storms. Several volunteers try to catch her while others cheer her on. Akiak finally catches her team when they are on the wrong trail. Thanks to her experience, Akiak is able to direct her team to the finish and help them complete the race.

Complete the Akiak Activities

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These Akiak activities are a great way to explore this annual event with your elementary students.

Akiak book activity Akiak word study activity

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