Teacher Apron With Pockets: A Quick Tutorial for How to Make Your Own (Without Sewing a Single Thread)

Teachers like you are always on the move. On any given day, you may find yourself shuffling around the classroom helping students with a science experiment, joining a group of kids who are sitting on the floor working on a project and pulling select learners to work with you for small group math instruction. Long story short: you are not sitting at a desk all day long. As a busy teacher without a minute to spare, you don’t have time to be putting any extra mileage on your Fitbit scurrying back and forth to grab a highlighter, a marker, a stapler, or whatever else you may need to help a student. Instead, you need a teacher apron with pockets. Below I share a quick tutorial for how to make your own teacher apron with pockets without having to pick up a needle and thread. Check it out below!

Check out this classroom organization tutorial to help you become a more organized teacher. This post provides step-by-step directions on how to create a DIY low cost no-sew teacher apron with pockets.

Why Teachers Need a Teacher Apron with Pockets

I first began using a pocket apron when I was working as a classroom organization consultant and was helping other teachers declutter and organize their classrooms using the system outlined in my classroom organization guide.

Because the process of decluttering and organizing a classroom is typically a case of “it gets a bit worse before it gets a whole lot better,” teachers would find themselves misplacing the tools we were using to declutter and organize. These items included tape measures, pencils, small notebooks, and other related items. Using a teacher apron with pockets solved that problem.

Much like a handyman walks around with a toolbelt and a doctor has a coat with pockets and a stethoscope around their neck, it makes complete sense for everyone to have the necessary tools of the trade at their fingertips.

As a teacher, you will find there are many benefits to using a pocket apron.

  • You will save time by having the items you need on hand at all times.
  • You will not be interrupted by other students who ask you questions, making you wander back to your desk to grab a pen and instead can focus on the student or small group you are working with.
  • You will be able to impact more students each day by having the tools you need to make a quick modification or offer positive reinforcement with a sticker magically pulled from the pocket of your apron.

How to Make a Teacher Apron with Pockets

Below are simple directions for making your own teacher apron with pockets.

1. Download this Crafters Apron Guide

Download this free no sew apron guide.

2. Purchase a Small Apron

Home Depot usually sells small aprons for under a $1.00. These are fun because you can customize them with some fabric and fabric glue. You can also find solid color aprons at most craft stores.

3. Gather Supplies

In the no sew apron guide, the author lists supplies that you will need to complete the project.

4. Customize Your Apron to Match Your Style

Think about what your favorite colors and patterns are. The no sew apron guide shares some ideas. Be sure to also check out the picture in this post for inspiration.

5. Stock It with Essentials

The last step is to stock it with essentials. What do you need access to during the school day? Some ideas are a pencil, eraser, white board marker, highlighter, stickers, and sticky notes. You can decide what works best for you!

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Check out this classroom organization tutorial to help you become a more organized teacher. This post provides step-by-step directions on how to create a DIY low cost no-sew teacher apron with pockets.

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