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This is your year to decorate your dream classroom and the Clutter-Free Classroom Elementary Classroom Decor Collection is the tool to help you do it! It is a massive library of classroom set up and decorating materials that are printable, editable, and digital. This post will give lots of information about it, but you can also learn more about it here: The Elementary Classroom Decor Collection.

This blog post will answer the following questions:

  • What is the classroom decor collection?
  • What is included in the elementary classroom decor collection?
  • Why do I need the classroom decor collection?
  • Where can I learn more about the classroom decor collection?
  • Where can I buy the classroom decor collection?
  • How do I log in if I am already a member?
  • Grab the free classroom decor guide!

What is the Classroom Decor Collection?

The Clutter-Free Classroom Elementary Classroom Decor Collection is a classroom set up and decorating resource for teachers in grades 1-5. Kindergarten and middle school teachers have also found this resource collection helpful. Read below to learn what is included in this comprehensive resource.

What is Included in the Elementary Classroom Decor Collection?

The Clutter-Free Classroom Elementary Classroom Decor Collection includes 58 classroom themes and 10 classroom color schemes. Each of the themes and color schemes include the following printable and digital resources:

  • Nameplates
  • Multi-Use Labels
  • Basket Labels
  • Number Tags
  • Team or Table Signs
  • Supply Labels
  • Days of the Week Labels
  • Paper Organization Labels
  • Teacher Binder
  • Home and School Communication
  • Dismissal Chart
  • Where are we Chart
  • Birthday Chart
  • Passes
  • Behavior Management
  • Pencil Signs
  • Classroom Job Chart
  • Daily Schedule
  • Hand Signals
  • Number Charts
  • Alphabet Cards
  • Word Wall
  • Color Words Reference Chart
  • Thematic Writing Paper
  • Reading Resources
  • Calendar
  • Telling Time Clock Labels
  • Weather and Seasons Chart
  • Days of the Week
  • Lost Teeth Tally Chart
  • School Day Tracker
  • Ten Frames
  • Growth Mindset Posters
  • Welcome Banner and Signs
  • Pennant Banner
  • Thematic Paper
  • Decorative Accents
  • Google Headers
  • Teaching Slides
  • Printable Banner

Details about Decor Collection Materials

Here is more information about the materials included in the decor collection:


Nameplates are traditionally placed on a student’s desk or at their place at a table to mark their seat. They are also commonly placed on the back of students’ chairs. While they certainly can be used for their original purpose, you could also use them as labels for student cubbies, take home bags, folders, or library book boxes, as well as to identify the contents of cabinets, bins, and dishpans.

If you are not using the editable version, you can still customize them by writing in student names (or inviting them to do it). Some teachers also like to print address labels with each student’s name and attach them to the white space on the nameplate.

Each classroom theme bundle contains three different versions of the nameplates so you can choose which ones work best for you.

Multi-Use Labels

As the name suggests, there are so many ways you can use these labels. For example, they make great name tags for the first week of school, field trips, or to leave for substitute teachers throughout the school year. In these cases, you may consider inserting them into a lanyard or a plastic pouch with a safety pin attached so they remain in good condition for the whole school year.

They can also be used for labeling folders, baskets, cubbies, lockers, storage containers, shelves, and more. In these cases, you may consider using tape, velcro, magnets, or a hole punch and string.

Each bundle contains a page with eight multi-use labels on it.

Basket Labels

These printables are especially useful for labeling larger baskets, dishpans, tubs, boxes and more. If you don’t currently have storage containers, check out your local dollar store (e.g. Dollar Tree) for cheap, colorful options to help you organize your classroom supplies.

Every one of the classroom themes in the decor collection contains a page with three basket labels on it.

Number Tags

It can be extremely helpful to assign a number to each student. This makes it easier to label supplies, papers, and other items and also allows you to take attendance quickly during fire drills, assemblies, and field trips.

I designed these round number tags to use in my classroom to label things that typically needed to be relabeled year to year (e.g. cubbies, lockers, and mailboxes). Using a number system instead of students’ names saves a lot of time. 

In addition to being used as labels, these number tags can be used to track student progress with assignments and center choices by sliding them into pocket charts.

Number tags can also be useful when it is necessary to randomly pick students. You can do this by placing the tags into a cup and drawing one number at a time. This system can be useful for tasks like taking turns, calling on students, and selecting special helpers.

Each theme package contains number tags for numbers 1-36, so you’ll be able to use them even if you have a large class size this year or in the future.

Team or Table Signs

There are several ways to display these table numbers. One way is to hang them from the ceiling. This can be done by mounting two printouts back to back, punching a hole in the top and suspending them from ceiling tiles or lights with fishing line.

A second option for hanging them is to mount the table numbers onto decorative items such as hanging flowers or pompoms.

They can also be displayed in the center of the table using table tents, metal stands (like the kind designed for weddings), table caddies, or pencil cups.

Be sure to check your school’s policy and fire code before moving forward with either of the first two ideas.

Each package of classroom decor contains ten labels in numerical form.

Supply Labels

It’s important to designate a space for everything in your classroom. It’s equally important to label where everything goes. This allows students to put things away independently which promotes responsibility and keeps your classroom looking neat and organized.

To use these supply labels, simply print out the entire set and cut them apart. Next, attach the labels to your choice of container (e.g. plastic shoe boxes, bins, buckets, drawers, and cubbies).

Each theme bundle includes 2 pages of supply labels.

Days Of The Week Labels

Use the Days of the Week cards to get organized with your photocopies and other prepped materials.

They fit perfectly on an ice cube bin (sold at stores like Walmart and Target). They would also work with magazine sorters.

Print the labels and attach a label to each bin.

After making photocopies and prepping other materials, place them into the appropriate bin. For added organization, use folders for each subject area. This method allows you to easily move things around as needed.

Every classroom theme bundle in the decor collection includes 2 pages of larger labels and a one-page printable with 6 smaller labels on it.

Paper Organization Labels

As an elementary teacher, you know that the papers in your classroom can quickly get out of control if you don’t have a solid organization system in place. These labels can help!

These three labels fit perfectly on clear Sterilite plastic drawers (or ones that are similar) that can hold 8 1/2 x 11 papers. Print them out and tape them on your drawers so you can clearly see the words on each label.

Each package of classroom decor includes a one-page sheet with three labels: copy, grade, and file.

Teacher Binder

These multipurpose binder covers can be used for lesson plans, grade books, RtI, running records, student communication binders, and more.

Because there are so many options for using this product, there is no text on the binder covers. If you are not using the editable version and still want to customize your binder, simply center your text in the font and style you desire in a word processing document. Then, run a printed copy of the binder cover through the printer to add the text to it.

Alternatively, you could get creative and customize your cover “scrapbook-style” by using stickers, photos, and memorabilia. Since the page was designed to be slid into a clear view binder, the elements you add will be protected.

Every classroom theme bundle in the decor collection includes three binder covers and 2 in-binder spine labels.

Home and School Communication

It is important to keep parents informed about what your students are working on at school! Use this classroom newsletter template to send home updates on the happenings in your classroom.

To use the template: Use any word processing program to type your letter. Print the template. Run that printed paper through the printer when printing your letter.

Alternatively, there is an editable version available in this packet that can be edited, saved, printed or emailed to families as a PDF.

Each classroom theme includes a one-page newsletter template.

Dismissal Chart

So much time and planning goes into the school day that those final moments often get overlooked. Much like the transitions throughout the day, students crave downtime and the freedom to move around after putting in a long day of learning. This brings the potential for chaos at a time when it is very important the teacher is focused to ensure that each child is dismissed to the right location. These “how we get home” printables help make dismissal organized and keep your students safe.

There are a few ways to create the chart. The most popular method is to attach each of the circles to a ribbon. Write each student’s name on a pinch-style clothespin and attach it to the card. I suggest mounting these cards onto card stock and laminating them for durability if you plan to do this. You may need to adjust your printer setting to a smaller % to print smaller cards.

A second option is to use the cards as headers on a dry erase board and write the childrens’ names below.

A third option is to create a grid with the days of the week listed down the side and each of your dismissal options along the top. Write each student’s name in the correct box to show how they go home daily.

Every thematic bundle in the decor collection contains 4 pages of printables that include 8 circular cards labeled with options for how students may get home.

Where Are We Chart

Use this chart to help visitors easily find you and your students when you are not in the classroom.

This display can be created several different ways. One way is to print and mount the circles around a round pizza pan and use a magnet to show your location.

A second way is to print and laminate the cards. Punch a hole in the top of each. Thread the cards onto a metal ring. Attach a hook to your classroom door or wall. You can purchase magnetic hooks which would attach to most door frames.

A third way is to print and then attach the cards to cardboard covered in decorative paper. Use a clothespin pinched on the side to show where the class can be found.

Each package of decor includes 3 printable pages with 6 labels on each page.

Birthday Chart

Birthdays are a BIG DEAL to young kids. This birthday chart is one of many ways you can make each of your students feel special!

Post this birthday chart in a place that is easy for you and your students to reference to ensure that you never miss a birthday!

Keep in mind that not all students celebrate birthdays. If you have a student who doesn’t celebrate, you may want to discuss the situation with administration before proceeding with plans to celebrate other birthdays in the classroom. Every classroom theme bundle includes a one-page printable birthday chart that you can post on a wall in your classroom or keep in your binder for quick and easy reference.


Even if your school doesn’t require students to carry passes when walking in the hall, you will still find these printables to be useful for classroom management.

Consider displaying the passes where they are visible from around the room. Let students know that they may use the restroom if the pass is available. This will ensure that only one boy or girl is in the bathroom at a time.

When a child leaves to use the bathroom, they can place the pass at their seat. This will provide you with an easy method to see when a student is out of the room.

If you are going to use the pass in a traditional manner, you may want to consider using a lanyard that the students can hang around their neck to reduce the spread of germs. Each thematic bundle includes 2 restroom passes and 1 nurse pass.

Behavior Management

Build community and establish good relationships with your students’ families by building a positive classroom culture using these three behavior management tools.

The first one is an individual behavior chart that can be placed on students’ desks or on a classroom wall. Students earn checks, stickers, smiley faces or hole punches for positive behavior.

The second one is a whole class behavior system where the class works together to build a paper chain that reaches the floor. Students earn links for compliments and positive behavior. This can be posted in an area that is visible to all students.

The third one is a way to communicate positive behavior with families. Simply write a note about something specific a student did that day that demonstrated positive behavior and send it home with the child.

Pencil Signs

Pencils can be the root of many distractions. Kids wander the classroom to sharpen them, or worse, they intentionally break the tip as an excuse to wander the classroom pretending to need to sharpen them.

Instead of letting everyone sharpen their own pencil, consider making it a classroom job. Keep two cups in the classroom – one for pencils that need sharpening and one filled with sharpened pencils. The student assigned to pencil sharpening can sharpen the pencils at the end of each day.

When setting up your dual pencil cup system or similar system, print the labels and tape them to the cups or other containers of your choosing. To ensure that they last for a long time, you may want to have them laminated.

Each classroom bundle includes two types of pencil signs you can choose from.

Classroom Job Chart

Implementing classroom jobs helps create a community where everyone is an important part of helping the classroom run smoothly. It also teaches students about responsibility.

Do not change jobs too often. The classroom runs most efficiently when the students know their responsibilities and performing them becomes routine.

One way to create a job chart is to use library pockets. Write the students’ names onto index cards. To use this method, print the job cards and attach them to the front of a library pocket. Library pockets can be purchased at teacher supply stores or on Amazon. They come in many different colors and prints.

Another way to create a job chart is to place the job cards into a pocket chart with the students’ names written on card stock.

A third way is to hot glue pinch-style clothespins onto a board. Label each with a student’s name or number. This works best with numbers so you do not need to recreate them each year. Use the clothespin to pinch the card that shows the job the student is assigned.

All of the classroom bundles in the decor collection include a 9-page printable to help you create a job chart.

Daily Schedule

A classroom schedule establishes routine and structure for your students. Having a visual schedule for children to reference will allow them to predict what will happen next, enabling them to feel prepared and secure. Children are more likely to be engaged, attentive and able to learn when they know what to expect. A posted schedule also helps the teacher manage the time and keep the day progressing as planned. These cards make it easy to display your schedule in a method that all students can understand.

Print the clock cards onto cardstock and laminate. Doing so will allow you to write on the cards with a dry erase marker and wipe it clean. This makes it easy to accommodate for changes in schedule.

When implementing this resource, be sure to post the daily schedule before each new day begins, take a moment to review it with the class each morning. Add specific start and ending times using analog and digital formats to reinforce math concepts and use picture cues so it is accessible to all learners.

Every classroom theme bundle includes twelve pages of cards that include words in an easy-to-read font with picture clues for younger learners. There are also printables for both analog and digital times. This is a great way to practice time-telling skills.

Hand Signals

By using these, students are able to let you know what they need by holding up a specific number of fingers. You’ll be able to simply look at them and nod to acknowledge their request. You can do this without stopping what you are doing.

Each classroom theme bundle in the decor collection includes a one-page printable black and white printable. Some teachers opt to color in the hands using crayons, markers or colored pencils. It is suggested that you print several copies and mount them onto colorful paper to add a finished look and display them in a few different areas within your classroom.

Using hand signals in the classroom will help to create a learning environment with minimal distractions. The students communicate their basic needs using five numbered hand signals. This eliminates the need to interrupt the class while allowing you to be aware of the location of each student at all times.

Identify clear expectations when you introduce the hand signals. For example, you may want to keep students from getting a drink or using the bathroom (unless it is an emergency) during read alouds, whole group instruction, or when they are working in a small group with you so that they do not miss part of a lesson.

Number Charts

Number charts help students develop number sense, recognize patterns in numbers, and solve problems.

This reference tool can be printed and posted in your classroom. In addition, you can print a copy for each student and have them keep it in their math folder.

Each classroom decor bundle includes a 100 chart and a 120 chart.

Alphabet Cards

These cards make a great display in the classroom as they help students not only with letter formation, but also alphabetizing, dictionary skills, and more.

Every classroom decor bundle in the decor collection includes two versions of alphabet cards. The first includes uppercase and lowercase letters without pictures. The second is a larger card that includes the upper and lowercase letter along with a picture clue to help the children with letter-sound relationships.

Word Wall

Enclosed in this packet you will find a variety of options for creating a word wall in your classroom. While creating a display, try to find a space that is at the students’ eye level and easily accessible to them from various points in the classroom.

Some teachers like to make the cards removable so the students can take them to their seats.

If you have an extra dry erase board in your classroom, consider using that space for your word wall. What I typically do is use a yardstick and dry erase marker to sketch out the lines that will divide the board into sections by letter. This will allow you to erase and perfect your boxes. Next, I suggest sticking electrical tape over your lines. This will provide bold borders and the tape removes easily without damaging the board. You can then use the enclosed word cards with magnets to showcase words or write them directly into the boxes on the board. In my classroom, I had a word wall for sight words and vocabulary and a separate wall for math vocabulary.

Every one of the classroom theme bundles include a word wall header, circular letter headers, smaller rectangular letter headers, and 2 sizes of word wall cards.

Color Words Reference Chart

Color charts support students in correctly identifying and spelling the most common colors.

This reference tool can be printed and posted in your classroom. In addition, you can print a copy of the pages and staple them into a packet for each student and have them keep it in a folder.

Each bundle of classroom decor includes a color chart highlighting 9 of the most common colors.

Thematic Writing Paper

This paper is extremely versatile. You can use it for a special project or create custom journals for your students. Have your students draw self-portraits or write autobiographies using these stationary sets at the start and end of the school year. Not only will they make a wonderful display that coordinates with your classroom theme, but they are great for showing the growth each child has made as a writer and as an artist. Parents will save them forever! 

Each theme bundle includes a printable sheet of writing paper designed to fit the theme of the classroom.

Reading Resources

Bookmarks can be an effective motivator to get your students excited about reading.

In addition to being able to be used as bookmarks for reading, this product makes a great “welcome to school” gift or birthday gift. There is space on each for you to put a message to the students.

Punch holes where the black circle is located and add colorful string or yarn. A second reading resource included in this packet is a reading log that helps hold kids accountable for reading at home. This can also serve as a motivator for students.

Each classroom theme bundle in the decor collection includes a one-page printable with 5 bookmarks on it and two versions of a one-page reading log.


These cards will fit into a manufactured pocket chart calendar.

An alternative is to use a poster board calendar. In this case, you can display it on a magnetic wall and hot glue magnets on the back of the numbers and months so you can move them easily as you transition from month to month.

A second option for using a poster board calendar is to display it on a cork board and use push pins or staples to stabilize the calendar and velcro the numbers and months so you can change them out easily.

A third option for the poster board is to use a razor blade and make a small slit at the top of each box on your calendar. Slide a paper clip into each of the slits. This will allow you to easily put up and take down dates by sliding the number card under the clip. This resource is great to use for your daily calendar lesson.

Every thematic bundle includes monthly headers, calendar squares 1-31, and 5 blank cards you can customize for birthdays, holidays, and special events.

Weather and Seasons Chart

Keeping track of the weather each day helps students become familiar with the different types of weather and what time of year they are common in their area’s climate.

To prepare the display, print a copy of the chart and a copy of the types of weather. 

Laminate them and adhere velcro so they are easy to change out each day. Alternatively, you could just laminate the chart and use dry erase markers to record the weather.

Every theme bundle can be used during your daily calendar lesson.

This packet includes a weather chart and tens labels with adjectives describing the weather.

Days of The Week

The days of the week poster helps students learn what the days of the week are and understand their sequence.

When setting up your poster, consider attaching the words, “Today is…”, “Yesterday was…”, or “Tomorrow will be…” onto a pinch-style clothespin. Another option is to use velcro. Either way you’ll want it to be easy to move the cards each day.

This resource can be used during your daily calendar lesson.

Each classroom theme bundle in the decor collection includes a printable “days of the week” poster and three cards labeled “yesterday was,” “today is,” and “tomorrow will be.”

Lost Teeth Tally Chart

It doesn’t matter if you teach Kindergarten or 5th grade, most likely you will have at least one student lose a tooth in class during the school year. Some students take this in stride while others freak out. Sometimes the child who loses the tooth remains calm and another student freaks out. Then there are the times when the student who lost the tooth and the rest of the class remain calm, but the teacher freaks out.

Encourage kids not to wiggle their teeth with their fingers as it is a sure way to spread germs. If a child does play with her tooth, have them wash their hands before touching shared classroom items. Consider setting up a “lost tooth” station in the classroom. Include small cups for rinsing, plastic baggies to take home the teeth and napkins or paper towels.

Parents appreciate a heads up when a tooth is lost. Consider sending a quick email to let them know the child is coming home with one less tooth in their mouth.

A lost tooth is bound to cause chaos in the classroom. Consider using the opportunity to launch a lesson on tally marks using this tally chart. Simply print this resource, laminate it, and post it on a wall in your classroom. An alternative is to slide the printable into a page protector.

Every classroom theme bundle includes a tooth tally chart that you can use to track how many teeth your class loses during the school year.

School Day Tracker

Keeping track of the number of days in school helps students build a strong number sense and understanding of place value. 

Simply print the decorative poster and school day tracker template, laminate and post it in your calendar area. Print, cut, and laminate the number cards that will be used with the school day tracker. Consider mounting magnets or velcro on the back of the cards. 

This packet includes a decorative poster, school day tracker template, and number cards for the school day tracker.

Ten Frames

Ten frames support students in exploring essential math concepts including making 10, addition and subtraction, and more than/less than.

This reference tool can be printed and posted in your classroom. In addition, you can print a copy of the pages and staple them into a packet for each student and have them keep it in their math folder.

Every single classroom theme bundle includes ten frames representing numbers 1-20.

Telling Time Clock Labels

Attaching the time helpers around your clock creates a helpful visual aid for your students who are still becoming proficient in telling time on an analog clock.

When setting up your clock display, print each of the two pages that include the numbers :00 through :55 as well as the word clues. Next, cut them out and attach each number circle next to the corresponding number on the clock (i.e. 1=:05, 2=:10, etc). Finally, attach the word cards in the appropriate places next to the 3, 6 and 9.

An optional step is to mount the number labels on the larger circles on the third page. Depending on the size of your clock, you may want to also use them to fill the space more. Simply print or photocopy those circles onto cardstock or scrapbook paper that complements your theme or color scheme and mount the number cards onto each circle to create a larger display.

Each theme bundle includes labels with numbers in increments of 5 starting at :00 and ending at :55. In addition, it includes word clues (e.g. half past) to help students begin to develop the math vocabulary related to telling time.

A third component included in this resource is a template with larger circles that the time labels can be mounted on.

This is one of my favorite resources in the decor collection!

Growth Mindset Posters

Students with a growth mindset believe they can improve and get better by learning and practicing. This way of thinking equips students to take on new challenges confidently and will lead to future success.

These growth mindset and positive self-talk posters are a teaching and reference tool you can use to introduce and reinforce growth mindset in your classroom.

Simply print the posters on card stock, laminate them, and post them on a wall in your classroom where they are accessible to all students.

Each theme bundle includes two types of posters: Growth mindset and positive self-talk.

Welcome Banner and Signs

Greet students, their families, and visitors on back to school night or the first day of school with a welcome banner hung above your door frame or on the wall outside of your classroom. One option is to simply print out each of the letter cards and mount them.

A second option is to use a hand-held hole punch to make two small holes at the top of each card. Pick a ribbon that complements your color scheme or classroom theme. Thread the ribbon through each card by first pushing it from the back and then pushing in through the second hole to the back. This method will prevent the cards from twisting once displayed.

The welcome signs can simply be printed and displayed. You can also take pictures of your students holding the sign at the beginning of the year and send it home to their families either the first week or last week of school.

Every bundle of themed classroom decor in the decor collection includes a welcome banner, welcome signs for grades PREK-6th, and a blank version of the welcome sign that you can customize by adding your name and grade level.

Pennant Banner

This pennant banner is a fun decoration to add to your classroom!

Hang these pennants on ribbon or string to add an eye-catching pop of color that coordinates perfectly with your classroom color scheme or theme.

Consider adding student names or photos to each flag to personalize the look.

Each bundle includes four unique pages of printable pennants.

Thematic Paper

Print the decorative pages to create custom pieces that coordinate perfectly with your classroom theme or color scheme.

You can print the paper and use it to add decorative pops of color in your classroom to tie in your theme and create a cohesive look.

One way to do this is to wrap the paper around cans to make pencil cups. A second way is to place it in a frame and put a class photo on top of it. Another way is to insert it into clear plastic stacking drawers or on the back of bookshelves. A final way is to cut different shapes to create flags for a custom banner.

Every bundle of themed decor includes a variety of thematic paper.

Decorative Accents

Decorations make your classroom feel warm and welcoming!

The printable decorative accents can be printed and posted on bulletin boards, cubbies, bins, and walls. They can also be strung as a banner in your classroom.

Every one of the classroom theme bundles include a variety of printable decorations.

Google Headers

Use these Google Header images to customize your Google Classroom.

Each theme in the decor collection comes with 5 different header images.

Teaching Slides

Use these slide images in Google Classroom, Powerpoint, Seesaw, etc to create lessons, share information, give directions, for open house or any other creative idea you have.

Each theme comes with 5 different slide images.

Printable Banner

Our printable banners make great backgrounds for online teaching. You can have the image we created printed as an oversized poster or banner for around $20.00-$35.00. Hang it on a wall behind you when you are teaching remotely and then roll it up for easy storage.

Each theme includes one decorative banner. Most teachers have it printed at 2.5 x 4.

What are the Benefits of Having the Classroom Decor Collection?

Here are the benefits of having the classroom decor collection:

Saves time

You will no longer have to look for individual decorating pieces. Everything you need is in this one comprehensive resource. In addition, many of the resources included in the decor collection are print and go!

Saves money

You get all of the resources you need to set up your elementary classroom year after year at a low cost.

Offers flexibility

You can mix and match themes, do a classroom transformation, change themes every year, and cancel at any time.

Works across grade levels

This collection has been used by teachers in preschool through middle school, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to use it if you change grade levels.

100% editable text

All of the resources included in the decor collection are editable so you can use it no matter what part of the world you are from, what language you speak, or any other special requests you have.

100% printable

All of the resources included in the decor collection are printable and many are even print and go.

Includes digital components for Google Classroom

The decor collection includes 5 teaching slides for each theme that can be used with Google Classroom, Powerpoint, Seesaw, etc. to create lessons, share information, and give directions for open house or any other creative idea you have. It also includes 5 Google Headers for each theme so you can customize your Google Classroom.

Where Can I Learn More about the Classroom Decor Collection?

You can learn more about this decor collection resource here: Elementary Classroom Decor Collection.

Where Can I Buy the Classroom Decor Collection?

You can buy this resource here: Elementary Classroom Decor Collection Checkout Page

How Do I Log In if I am Already a Member?

If you are already a member of the Elementary Classroom Decor Collection, then log in here: Elementary Classroom Decor Collection Login Page

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We hope you found this information helpful! The Elementary Classroom Decor Collection is a comprehensive resource loved by hundreds of teachers and we hope you become one of them! Next, we would love for you to download this free elementary classroom decor guide. It has some helpful tips for decorating your classroom.

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