5 Election Books for Kids at the Elementary Level in 2024

With election day fast approaching, teachers are looking for election books for kids to read aloud in their elementary classrooms. There are so many great children’s literature options that aren’t specific to candidates or this specific election. In fact, I suggest you instead focus on books about presidents for elementary students or even books about voting. Since the election only comes once every 4 years, it would be beneficial to be able to repurpose your activities and books for Presidents Day each year.

5 of the Best Election Books for Kids

Below are 5 election books for kids.

1. Duck for President by Doreen Cronin

Duck For President is another book from Doreen Cronin’s series with characters from Farmer Dave’s Farm. In this story, Duck is tired of doing chores all day and getting dirty. He decides to hold an election where he will run against Farmer Dave. The animals on the farm register to vote and Duck wins! However, running the farm is much more work than Duck imagined. 

He decides to get his friends together and run for governor. He makes speeches and meets a lot of people. On election day, Duck wins the position of governor. However, Duck soon realizes that being governor is also a lot of work. That night he and his staff start planning his campaign to run for president. Once in office, Duck realizes how hard the job is and sees a help-wanted ad looking for a duck. He takes the position and returns to the farm with his friends and Farmer Dave. Check out these Duck for President activities!

Duck for President book coverDuck for President book and activity
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2. Sofia Valdez, Future Prez by Andrea Beaty

The newest picture book in my election books for kids collection is Sofia Valdez, Future Prez. Sofia Valdez loves helping out the members of her community. She and her Abuelo rake leaves, walk pets and deliver food. Sofia loves walking to her school with Abuelo and her pup. One day on their walk home, the dog started chasing a squirrel. Sofia and Abuelo ran through the landfill after the pup. When they got to the top the landfill crashed down and Abuelo broke his leg. Sofia missed walking to school with Abuelo and came up with the idea to turn the landfill into a park.

Sofia went to City Hall on her own and eventually made her way to the mayor. She explained her purpose and plan for building a park and he told her to start a petition. Slowly members of the community joined Sofia’s petition and they were able to build the park! Students will love this story about Sofia’s determination and perseverance. Check out these Sofia Valdez, Future Prez activities!

Sofia Valdez book coverSofia Valdez book and writing activity
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3. Grace for President by Kelly DiPucchio

The third on this list of election books for kids is Grace for President. In school, a young girl Grace is learning about presidents. She is surprised to learn that there has never been a girl president. Grace decides that she wants to run for president and her teacher organizes an election.

Grace and Thomas, a student from another class, are running against one another. The students learn about the electoral college and Grace and Thomas both run presidential campaigns. They create slogans, buttons, posters, and come up with promises. Grace works really hard during her campaign and spends a lot of time working.

During the election, Grace and Thomas are tied when it comes time for the last state to cast their electoral votes. Thomas is certain that Sam is going to vote for him. Everyone is surprised when Sam chooses to vote for Grace and she wins the election.

When it comes time for career day, Grace knows exactly what she wants to be when she grows up, president. Check out these Grace for President activities!

Grace for President book coverGrace for President book and activity
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4. If I Were President by Catherine Stier

The book If I Were President follows a diverse group of children explaining what their day to day life would be like as president. Students will learn about the events like the State of the Union and presidential duties like signing bills into law. Students will get to hear about the different special experiences that come with being president like throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game or having your own private chef. Check out these If I Were President activities!

If I Were President book coverIf I Were President book and activity
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5. If I Ran for President by Catherine Stier

This book makes a great read aloud before an election or in honor of President’s Day. If I Ran For President is told from the point of view of different children that plan to run for president. Readers will learn what happens when someone first decides to run for president, what happens during a campaign and what happens on and after election day. Students will be introduced to important vocabulary regarding campaigns and elections. 

While informative, the book is still entertaining and inspiring. Students will believe that they too can be president someday no matter what they look like or what their gender is. Check out these If I Ran for President activities!

If I Ran for President book coverIf I Ran for President book and activity
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If you’ve been trying to find the best election books for kids in first grade, second grade, or third grade, I hope this list has helped you prepare for reading aloud to the students in your elementary classroom. You may also find this list of Presidents Day books for kids helpful!

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