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Construction Classroom Theme Ideas for Elementary Teachers in 2022

A construction classroom theme is a popular choice for educators looking to create a cohesive and creative learning environment. It appeals to both elementary and older students. Here you will find construction classroom theme ideas and pictures to inspire teachers and home school families. You will feel organized and have your learning

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Classroom Organization Ideas for Elementary Teachers in 2022

Whip your elementary classroom into shape using these 5 classroom organization ideas! They will help you with organizing all of the materials, tools, and supplies in your classroom. Read below to learn about numbering, grouping, labeling, using containers, and color coding! 5 Classroom Organization Ideas for Organizing Everything Below are 5

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How to Teach Subtraction

Not only do elementary students need to have a strong conceptual understanding of subtraction, they also mustbe able to recite subtraction facts by memory, flexibly work with numbers in a subtraction context, and solve real world problems involving subtraction. If this feels overwhelming or you are looking for ideas for teaching subtraction, then

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How to Teach Skip Counting

According to the Common Core, second grade students need to be able to skip count by 5s, 10s, and 100s by the end of the school year. Mastering this skill not only sets them up for success in third grade when they learn multiplication, but also throughout their education and

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How to Teach Addition Facts

Addition is one of those math skills that students need throughout their formal education and life beyond school. By mastering addition math facts, students will be able to confidently approach more complex problems in and out of the classroom. As a result, it is imperative for elementary teachers to support

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How to Teach Place Value

Place value understanding is the core of math. If students do not have a strong conceptual understanding of it, then they will not have the confidence or the skills to be successful in their math education. As a result, it is critical for elementary teachers to help students build a

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How to Teach Rounding

Rounding numbers is taught in third, fourth, and fifth grade classrooms across the United States. This blog post is packed with helpful information that will give you the foundation you need to plan and deliver effective math instruction. Read below to learn more! This blog post will… explain why it’s

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How to Teach Number Sense

Elementary school is the most critical time for students to develop a strong number sense. It impacts not only the rest of their math education, but also the rest of their life. Read below to learn more! This blog post will… explain why teaching number sense is important identify the essential understanding of

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Classroom Organization

Think about your classroom and answer this question: Wouldn’t it be nice to have the opportunity to work from a blank slate?  This may surprise some of you educators who feel you are destined to live out your teaching careers doing important work in a cluttered, messy, disorganized classroom, but

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Read alouds are an incredibly valuable tool that can build reading comprehension, problem solving, critical thinking, and higher level thinking skills. But here’s the catch… This only happens if students are fully engaged in their learning. If students are staring off into space and daydreaming about what they are having

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Winter Opinion Writing FREEBIE!

Grab this freebie and engage your students in a fun seasonal activity. It’s a great way to practice opinion writing.