Classroom Birthday Display Ideas for Celebrating Students in 2022

There are tons of commercially-made birthday charts out there. Typically, there is space for the teacher to write in the students’ names and record the blessed day on which they entered into the world. I’ve used them in the past, but wanted a classroom birthday display with more meaning to the children than a programmed poster that had been created while they were enjoying summer vacation. After brainstorming some classroom birthday display ideas that I could use for a while, I landed on one! You can create the same birthday display using the directions listed below. Read below to learn all about it!

How to Create a Classroom Birthday Display

Below are instructions for how to create a classroom birthday display.

1. Download the Birthday Display Resource

Download the Classroom Birthday Display from my Clutter-Free Classroom Teachers Pay Teachers store. It includes printable title options, monthly cards, birthday photo props, as well as tons of tips and ideas for celebrating students’ birthdays. You’ll have the printable resources you need to create a birthday display you are proud of!

2. Print the Packet

Select either the color or the greyscale version of the birthday month cards and print them out along with the title and the cupcake circles. You can print the directions and teaching ideas or keep a digital copy you can reference as needed.

3. Gather Materials

You will need the following materials:

  • standard-sized poster board for background
  • ribbon to use as a border
  • thin ribbon to hang cards onto
  • hole-punch
  • mini clothespins (you could use paper clips or decorative binder clips instead)
  • printables from this birthday display packet

4. Prep the Printables and Assemble Your Display

Follow the steps listed below to prep the materials and assembly your classroom birthday display.

  • Cut out the pieces from the birthday display packet.
  • Punch a single hole in the center of each of the cupcake circles and the title card.
  • Thread a piece of your thinner ribbon through the holes.
  • Glue your decorative ribbon around the border of the poster board.
  • Attach the cupcake/title ribbon along with three additional pieces of the thin ribbon to the board (I did this by making the ribbon longer than the board, wrapping it around the edges and taping it behind the board. I then added small dots of glue to secure it in places on the front. Use the printed.
  • Cards to help align the ribbon prior to attaching.
  • Hang the cards onto the ribbon.
  • Write the students names onto the card with their birth dates.
  • Take a group photo of all students sharing the birthday month and attach it to the card. this would look great if they were holding a printout of their birthdate.

5. Post Your Classroom Birthday Display

The last step is to pick a location in your classroom and post the birthday display in a place that both you and your students can see. Consider picking a spot that is out of the way, so that you don’t take up valuable wall real estate in your classroom.

In closing, we hope you found these classroom birthday display ideas for celebrating students’ birthdays. If you did, then you may also be interested in the resources below, as well as these blog posts:

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