Perseverance Videos for Kids at the Elementary Level in 2023

If you are an elementary teacher looking for perseverance videos for kids, then you found the right place! Videos are a great way to teach social emotional learning skills at the elementary level. They provide both an engaging and informative experience for students to learn about social emotional learning skills. Check out three great perseverance videos for kids below!

3 Perseverance Videos for Elementary Students

Below are 3 quality videos for teaching your elementary students about perseverance.

1. Class Dojo Perseverance Video

The first on this list of perseverance videos for kids is this Class Dojo video. Katie learns about “the dip” that happens when trying something new. Have the students explain what “the dip” is and answer the question at the end of the video. This video is 4 minutes and 19 seconds long.

2. Rocket Kids Perseverance Video

The second on this list of perseverance videos for kids is this Rocket Kids video. It’s about three dudes who never gave up. After watching the video, ask kids who the three dudes were that never gave up and what would have happened if they did give up. This video is 4 minutes and 42 seconds long.

3. Build Character Perseverance Video

The last on the list of perseverance videos for kids is this Build Character video. Students learn what perseverance is and why it is important to put in hard work and practice. Create an anchor chart using the last question in the video about how kids can practice perseverance as an individual, in your classroom and as part of your school. This video is 1 minute and 57 seconds long.

In closing, we hope you found these 3 perseverance videos for kids helpful! They are a great way to engage your students while learning about this important social emotional learning skill. If you enjoyed this post, then you may also be interested in these other posts about social emotional learning.

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