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5 Fun Math Routine Ideas for Elementary Teachers

If you are looking for fun ways to incorporate math into your school day in fun and easy ways, check out this list of 5 math routine ideas below! It gets students practicing math skills throughout the school day without them even realizing it! Read all about these fun math routine ideas below!

5 Math Routine Ideas

Below are 5 math routine ideas for elementary teachers.

1. Count During Transitions

The first math routine idea on this list is to count during transitions. Think about what is appropriate for your grade level and the time of year. For example, first graders might count up from 78 to 100. Third graders, on the other hand, might count by multiples of 11 to 99.

2. Count When Cleaning Up

The second math routine idea is to count when cleaning up. Again, think about what is appropriate for your grade level and the time of year. Second graders might skip count by 5’s to 110. Fourth graders, on the other hand, might divide by 2’s starting with the number 2,048.

3. Invite Students to Use a Timer

When students are working in centers, invite them to set a timer or use a sand timer as part of their routine. The primary grades could benefit from a visual timer or sand timer instead of a standard timer. This math routine isn’t only helpful for students for knowing how much time they have remaining at each center and when they need to transition, but also for developing a conceptual understanding of time. For example, they’ll learn what 10 minutes feels like.

4. Post Times on Your Visual Schedule

Posting a visual representation (analog or digital depending on your grade level) for the starting time of each content area on your schedule will help bring and reinforce meaning to time. It’s an important component of your visual classroom schedule display. I include a set of schedule time cards in all of my classroom theme bundles, as well as part of a generic schedule cards set.

5. Assign Student Numbers

The last math routine on this list is to assign student numbers to your students. One way to utilize this system is to call students to line up based on number categories (e.g. even numbers, 2 tens, and multiples of 5).

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