Life Cycle of Plants {Differentiated, Open-Ended Activities, Journals, Vocabulary, Portfolio, Lapbook}

It is officially spring!!! I couldn’t be more excited about that.

I’m already looking forward to teaching my Lifecycle of Plants and Flowers Unitbecause we had so much fun with it last year. 

As I started planning out the unit I realized I had never posted the pictures, details or related product. I had been waiting until we tried out all the components and put together the completed projects and well then it was summer vacation and it I went to the beach. 😉

It is a fabulous packet (if I do say so myself). What I really love about it is that each of the items can be used on their own with multiple grade levels OR you can compile the students’ work into “learning portfolios” (sort of like lap books) quite easily. We displayed them at our spring open house along with their bean plants. As a mom I love when things like this come home from school.

Below you can see most of what is included and the bottom of the post will take you to a video I made to better show you how to put the projects together.

{click to access and download: Life Cycle of a Plant Unit}

From the Product Description:

This bundle is packed with over 100 pages of open-ended printable activities that are perfect for all learners in grades 1-5. The packet integrates science, language arts and math. The materials can be used on their own, placed into an interactive science notebook, or compiled together to easily create an impressive portfolio / lapbook to showcase all their learning.

Watch the video below to see how I assembled all of the components of the Life Cycle of a Plant Packet into a Student Learning Portfolio.

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