Children’s Books about Disabilities for Disability Awareness Month in 2023

March is a great time to discuss and explore books about individuals with disabilities because of National Disability Awareness Month, but you can do this any time of the year. This post shares Children’s Books about Disabilities that you can use for this purpose. All of the picture books on this list lend themselves to this topic really well. Take a peek below to learn more about these Children’s Books about Disabilities!

3 Children’s Books about Disabilities

Below is a list of some of our favorite Children’s Books about Disabilities to share with elementary students. Check them out!

1. Just Ask! by Sonia Sotomayor

Just Ask! Is written by Sonia Sotomayor, an associate justice of the Supreme Court. The book starts off with Sonia narrating and explaining that she and her friends are building a garden. Just like things in the garden are different, her friends are too. Sonia encourages readers to ask questions when they are curious about someone.

Throughout the book, readers are introduced to the children that are working in the garden. Each one is diverse and explains what makes them unique. There are blind and deaf children, some have medical conditions like allergies or diabetes, and some have conditions like Autism, Down syndrome, or Tourette’s.

Sonia celebrates the differences of all the children and sends a message that it is okay to ask questions when you don’t understand something.

Check out these Just Ask! teaching resources and activities to help you plan and deliver highly engaging read aloud lessons!

Just Ask book cover
student activities based on the book Just Ask!

2. My Brother Charlie by Holly Robinson Peete

Callie and Charlie are twins, which makes them very similar. They both have curly hair and brown eyes, and love hot chocolate with marshmallows. However, even when they were very little, Callie and her mother knew Charlie was different. It was difficult for him to say, “I love you,” and he was very quiet. They learned that Charlie had autism which makes some things more challenging for him.

Throughout the book, Callie teaches readers about her brother Charlie and what it is like having a brother with autism. She explains the things that are challenging for him, and the things that are challenging when your brother is autistic. Callie also teaches readers about all the wonderful qualities of her brother and how he shows his love to his family members. This heartwarming story about siblings is a great way to teach young readers about appreciating diversity.

Check out these My Brother Charlie teaching resources and activities to help you plan and deliver highly engaging read aloud lessons!

My Brother Charlie book cover
My Brother Charlie activity

3. Rescue and Jessica by Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downe

Rescue and Jessica tells the story of a young girl who lost her leg in an accident. It was difficult for Jessica to have her leg amputated and she had to learn how to move with a prosthetic. While Jessica was learning about her new leg, a dog named Rescue was learning how to be a service dog. When Jessica applies for her own service dog, she learns that Rescue will be her new companion. The two make a great team and Rescue helps Jessica in her daily life. Quickly, Jessica and Rescue become great friends. He is even more important to her when the other leg must be amputated as well. The pair must start all over and learn how to work together. Students will love this heartwarming story about a service dog and his partner.

Check out these Rescue and Jessica teaching resources and activities to help you plan and deliver highly engaging read aloud lessons!

Rescue and Jessica book cover
Rescue and Jessica activities
printable picture book comprehension activities

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