3 Videos on Respect for Elementary Students in 2023

If you are an elementary teacher looking for videos on respect for elementary students, then you found the right place! Videos are a great way to teach social emotional learning skills at the elementary level. They provide both an engaging and informative experience for students to learn about social emotional learning skills. Check out three great videos on respect for elementary students below!

3 Videos on Respect for Elementary Students

Below are 3 quality videos for teaching your elementary students about respect.

1. Sesame Street Respect Video

This is a Sesame Street word on the street video. This video talks about what respect means and interviews different people about what respect is. Pause the video at .48 seconds and ask students why they think it is important to treat people with respect. After the video is over start a class discussion about the different ways to show someone that you respect them. This video is 5 minutes and 46 seconds long

2. Class Dojo Respect Video

This is a Class Dojo Mojo video. In this video, Mojo learns about the golden rule of treating others the way you want to be treated. Pause at 1:22 and ask students how their respect piggy bank grows. After watching the video, have students share times that they weren’t treated with respect and how that made them feel. This video is 3 minutes and 46 seconds long.

3. All About Respect Song

This video is a song about what respect means. Students learn what respect means with a catchy song and hear different examples of how to be respectful in different situations. Pause at :51 seconds and ask students how they would be respectful in this situation. When the video is over, ask students what they learned about being respectful in different situations and why being respectful is important. This video is 2 minutes and 40 seconds long.

In closing, we hope you found these 3 videos on respect for elementary students helpful! They are a great way to engage your students while learning about this important social emotional learning skill. If you enjoyed this post, then you may also be interested in these other posts about social emotional learning.

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