September Math Activities for Elementary Students in 2024

These September math activities are part of my 1st-5th Grade Spiral Review Math Collection. Spiral review activities are all about keeping what students learn fresh throughout the year. Imagine you introduce a new math concept. Instead of moving on and possibly forgetting it later, spiral learning means students keep practicing it regularly. This can look like morning work, homework, mini lessons, or centers. It’s like a continuous cycle of practicing what they’ve learned to help students really solidify their understanding. This method is used across the elementary grades to make sure students don’t just learn something once and then forget about it! Learn more about these September math activities below!

September spiral review math activities

What is Included in the September Math Activities?

The September spiral review math activities include:

  • 25 Printable Pages enough for daily practice with extras to use as assessments
  • Individual Student & Whole Class Item Analysis to plan for data-driven instruction
  • Projectable Answer Keys for whole-class review, lessons, or correcting
  • Recording Sheets for easy math centers or stations
  • Answer Keys for quick and easy grading
September math worksheet
September math worksheets

Why Teachers Love Spiral Review Math Activities

Teachers love spiral review math activities because of the following reasons:

  • Spiral review offers students the opportunity to practice key math concepts and skills regularly, which helps them maintain foundational skills throughout the school year that they need for more complex math situations they are presented with later in the year.
  • If a student is not proficient in a concept or skill when it’s first taught, integrated spiral review practice ensures they have many more opportunities to strengthen their understanding and eventually reach mastery.
  • Spiral review allows teachers to quickly assess students to see where they are currently performing. Teachers can then use this information to provide purposeful data-driven instruction that meets the individual needs of their students. 
  • It promotes math confidence because students are familiar with the presented content.
  • Having a math spiral review center helps students work independently during math rotations.
  • It eliminates formal math test prep since it’s built into the daily schedule throughout the school year.
September math worksheets
September math worksheet

5 Ways to Use These September Math Activities in Your Classroom

Below are 5 ways to use these September spiral review math activities!

1. Morning Work

Set up a daily routine in your classroom where your students work on a spiral review task right after they finish unpacking their things. It’s a quiet independent activity that helps students start the day on the right foot while you take attendance and lunch count.

2. Calendar Time

Implement a spiral review routine during your calendar time. This time of the school day lends itself especially well to reviewing math skills. Teaching calendar math has endless benefits!

3. Small Group Instruction

Think about starting the first 2 minutes of your guided math group with a quick review to help students get settled after a transition and get the practice they need.

4. Centers

Whether it is part of your Daily 5, Daily 3, math workshop rotations, or something else – use your centers to reinforce and provide practice opportunities to your students through fun and engaging games or other printable resources.

5. Homework

Send home a spiral review worksheet each night so students get the practice they need. Weekly spiral review math homework is one of the best strategies I have implemented as a classroom teacher. Parents always appreciate a consistent homework routine! 

September math worksheets
September math worksheet

Get the September Math Activities

Check out the September math activities below! This spiral math work facilitates daily spiral review practice opportunities that helps students develop proficiency in grade level concepts and skills outlined by the Common Core State Standards.

first grade math spiral review activities 2nd grade September spiral review activities 3rd grade September spiral review activities
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4th grade September spiral review activities 5th grade September spiral review activities Elementary Math Resource Collection
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