Self Advocacy Videos for Elementary Students in 2022

If you are an elementary teacher looking for self advocacy videos, then you found the right place! Videos are a great way to teach social emotional learning skills at the elementary level. They provide both an engaging and informative experience for students to learn about social emotional learning skills. Check out three great self advocacy videos for elementary students below!

3 Videos about Advocacy

Below are 3 quality videos for teaching your elementary students about advocating for themselves and others.

1. Self Advocacy Video

The first on this list of self advocacy videos is a video that gives students 6 steps for advocating for themselves. Introduce the video by saying students are going to learn about self-advocacy and that means standing up for yourself. Pause the video at 53 seconds and ask students to brainstorm problems they might need to advocate for. At the end of the video review the six different steps.

2. Advocating for Yourself and Others Video

The second on this list of self advocacy videos is a quick video that gives an overview of what advocacy means and how to advocate for yourself and others. After watching the video ask students for situations where they would need to advocate for themselves and others.

3. PBS Video about Advocacy

The last on this list of self advocacy videos is a PBS Kids video. It’s about standing up for yourself and others. This video explains different times to stand up for others and has kids provide the examples. It includes examples of people in history who stood up for others. Pause at 4:55 and ask students what stop, act, report means. After watching, asking kids what they stand up for. Watch before showing your class.

In closing, we hope you found these 3 self advocacy videos for elementary students helpful! They are a great way to engage your students while learning about this important social emotional learning skill. If you enjoyed this post, then you may also be interested in these other posts about social emotional learning.

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