Pi Day Activities for Elementary Students in 2024

Your students may not be familiar with Pi, but they definitely know what pie is! Celebrate March 14th with the fun and engaging Pi Day activities for elementary students below.

Pi Day activities for elementary students

How to Celebrate Pi Day with Your Students

Below is our favorite way to celebrate Pi Day with your elementary students who haven’t learned about Pi yet.

1. Watch Videos about Pi

Below is a video created by PBS Kids that gives a quick overview of Pi. There are a bunch of other quality videos out there that you can share with your students too.

2. Read Aloud Pie Picture Books

One fun way to celebrate Pi Day with your elementary students is to read aloud picture books with pie in them.

Enemy Pie

Read aloud the picture book, Enemy Pie! The main character in this story has an enemy, and his name is Jeremy Ross. He is his enemy because he laughed at him when he struck him out at baseball, and he invited everyone to his trampoline party besides him. The boy goes to his dad about having an enemy, and his dad says that he has the perfect way to get rid of enemies, enemy pie. His dad says that the boy just has to spend the day with Jeremy. 

The boy is hesitant at first, but ends up going to Jeremy’s house to ask if he can play. The boys spend the day together and discover that they have a lot in common, and enjoy spending time together. When the boy’s dad has them come in for dinner and serves them enemy pie, the boy panics and tells Jeremy to not eat it. The boys are officially no longer enemies, and have developed a great friendship.

Grab these Enemy Pie activities!

Enemy Pie book and activity Enemy Pie book cover
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Piggie Pie!

Read aloud the picture book, Piggie Pie, which tells the story of a grumpy witch named Gritch. One morning, Gritch wakes up and is very hungry so she decides to make her favorite meal, Piggie Pie. However, Gritch realizes she does not have the most important ingredient, pigs! She flies over to Old MacDonald’s farm in search of pigs for her lunch. When she gets there, she is not able to find any pigs. She asks the hens, cows, ducks and farmer and they all tell her no pigs are there. Little does Gritch know, the clever pigs disguised themselves as the other animals. Gritch is approached by a thin, sick looking wolf who explains that pigs are too hard to catch and tells Gritch how hungry he is. Gritch decides to invite the wolf to her house for lunch. Both head home imaging the delicious lunch they will have.

Grab these Piggie Pie! activities!

Piggie Pie writing activity Piggie Pie book cover
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3. Bring in a Pie to Share with Your Students

Another popular way to celebrate pie day is to share a pie as a class. Be sure to check with your school’s policy about food. Also, check for whether or not your students have related-allergies.

In closing, we hope you found this list of Pi Day activities for elementary students helpful! If you did, then you may also be interested in these other related posts:

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