Emotions Videos for Elementary Students in 2024

If you are an elementary teacher looking for emotions videos for kids, then you found the right place! Videos are a great way to teach social emotional learning skills at the elementary level. They provide both an engaging and informative experience for students to learn about social emotional learning skills. Check out three great emotions videos for elementary students below!

3 Emotions Videos for Elementary Students

Below are 3 quality videos for teaching your elementary students about emotions.

1. Why Do We Have Feelings Video

This video explains how feelings and emotions are related. It also teaches us why we have feelings. Introduce the video by telling students that in this video we are going to learn how emotions and feelings are similar and different. Pause at 1:35 and ask students the difference between feelings and emotions. After watching, ask students why we have feelings and emotions.  This video is 4 minutes and 13 seconds long.

2. Emotions Video

This video discusses the emotions happiness, sadness, fear, anger, disgust, and surprise. First, pause at :57 and ask students what makes them feel happy. Next, pause at 1:27 and ask students about a time they felt sad. Then, pause at 2:00 and ask students what they are afraid of. Pause at 2:37 and ask students what makes them angry. Pause at 3:08 and ask students what disgusts them. Last, pause at 3:36 and ask students the last time they felt surprised. This video is 4 minutes and 52 seconds long.

3. StoryBots Super Songs Video about Emotions

This is a StoryBots Super Song video about emotions. It helps children understand different emotions. Ask students what they learned about emotions after watching the video. This video is 11 minutes and 9 seconds long.

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In closing, we hope you found these 3 emotions videos for elementary students helpful! They are a great way to engage your students while learning about this important social emotional learning skill. If you enjoyed this post, then you may also be interested in these other posts about social emotional learning.

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