Have you ever looked online for ideas for teaching rounding? 

I was recently creating a Pinboard specific to rounding to help teachers with the concept. A quick google search delivered an abundance of images of anchor charts with “tricks” for rounding. You’ll find lots of catchy phrases like, “5-9 climb the vine,” or “0-4 fall to the floor,” and “5 or more, raise the score” along with “4 or less, let it rest” and a bazillion others like it. Yikes!

I truly don’t mean to offend anyone. Admittedly, I too have used catchy phrases in the past in an attempt to teach kids to round numbers. However, if you think about those phrases for a second you’ll realize they don’t make a bit of sense nor do they help students understand the math behind rounding even a tiny little bit.

The implementation of the Common Core brings with it standards for rounding in several grade levels. As you know, the CCSS are somewhat intense so it is more important than ever to teach your students what rounding is and how to do it as a mathematician.

Last fall I created a packetthat I used during my Math Workshop Rotations / Guided Math Groups that incorporated a pumpkin theme to make it all that more engaging during the month of October.  At the time I also wrote a blog post explaining how to teach rounding using a number line. {You can view that post here}

While I will certainly be using my Pumpkin Rounding Center again this year, I also wanted to have a collection of Rounding Activities and Games that I could use not only at this time of year when I introduce rounding, but also throughout the remainder of the school year as part of my spiral review.

{Click to Access and Download: Rounding Games and Activities by Clutter-Free Classroom}

I have created a packet that includes 6 Ready-to-Use Printable Sets that can be used to play 9 or more different centers, games, and activities. They are completely aligned with the CCSS 3.NBT.1, but also cover 4.NBT.3 as well as comparing numbers, critical thinking, sorting, and more.

{Click to Access and Download: Rounding Packet}

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