MATH WORKSHOP WITH GUIDED MATH TIPS & RESOURCES FOR TEACHERS {Makeover Monday Product Updates, Back to School Resources}

I’m happy to let you know that I’ve added another resource to the Organization and Management Guide for Math Workshop with Guided Math Instruction Bundle. This is by far my favorite product and the one that I am most proud of. I have used this model in my own classroom for many years with great success and am always so touched to hear that other teachers and their students are benefiting from it as well.

Unlike the previous Makeover Mondays, this isn’t a complete remodel (as it wasn’t warranted), but instead is the addition of projectable versions of the Rotation Board with student groups as well as the student tasks for each station. All you need to do is type the names and tasks in a text box on Powerpoint and project it for the kids to see.

If you already purchased this product please redownload it to access the free updates. If you haven’t purchased it previously you may be interested in grabbing it now while it is temporarily on sale in honor of it being featured as a Makeover Monday Product of the Week.

{Click to Access and Download the Guided Math Bundle} 

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