Free Picture Book Companion for 2023

This free picture book companion will give you the opportunity to sample our Starts With a Story collection, which includes more than 500 book companions based on high quality children’s literature that support you in delivering highly-engaging interactive read alouds with follow up activities. Does this sound like something you’re interested in? If so, learn more about the Starts With a Story Collection!

printable picture book comprehension activities

3 Things To Do Today

Here are 3 things we recommend doing today!

1. Read about Interactive Read Alouds

Read these 3 blog posts to learn more about interactive read alouds:

2. Learn about our Starts With a Story Book Companion Collection

Our Starts With a Story includes more than 500 book companions. Each book companion includes reading comprehension questions with sample student responses, 30 writing prompts targeting 10 different types of writing, SEL lesson ideas based on character and events from each story, printable student activities, editable teaching slides with book-based clipart, and more.

Learn all about Starts With a Story including what it is, why teachers love it, what books are included, and how to access the resource! Also, learn about the Starts With a Story Book Club, a popular way to get access to all of our book companions, as well as all of the book companions we create in the future.

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The Recess Queen book companionThe Recess Queen book companion

In closing, we hope you find this free book companion helpful! If you do, we recommend checking out the full collection of Starts With a Story book companions!